9/11 and Engineering Oppression: The Big Lie, Repetition and Generational Amnesia

These kids have no idea whatsoever about what is being deconstructed and forgotten all around them. The boys are mostly imprinted with sexualized torture and sensory/emotional deprivation, the girls mostly only know circumcised boys.  Most of them are from broken or dysfunctional homes, which means they have little self-confidence or solid emotional support and their main source of historical information is coming from the mass media and meducation, augmented with a hefty dose of psych drugs, fluoride and injected mercury and aluminum to help them guzzle the BS down.

They are being conditioned to be slaves, obedient to invisible masters because they don’t know WTF is going on and they wouldn’t believe in themselves enough to fight back if they did.   Their spirit is already broken and they don’t even know who they could be or what they’ve lost.   Needless to say, their professors have already been indoctrinated.  That’s why they’re professors.   The system selects and rewards slaves over time.

This is the face of social engineering and oppression with a dose of satanic ritual abuse.  It is only possible with a sustained flood of fake money, which narrows down the culprits quite a bit.

What Do UT Students Think About 9/11?

Owen Shroyer asks University of Texas students their opinions about the 2001 terrorist attack

Owen Shroyer reports from the University of Texas in Austin to see what students think about the September 11 terror attacks, the consequences, and how the tragedy shaped American history and culture.

Do American’s Still Believe The Official 9-11 Story?


Common Core’s Recipe for Imposed Ignorance

The War on Empathy, Love and Family

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