YouTube Bans Alex Jones After iTunes, Facebook Remove Content

Hours after Alex Jones and Infowars were banned from iTunes and Facebook, The Alex Jones Channel on YouTube which had 2.4 million followers was terminated on Monday “for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines,” along with the Ron Gibson channel which archived Jones’ daily shows.

Earlier Monday we reported that Apple had completely removed five of Infowars’ six podcasts from its iTunes and Podcast apps under their hate speech guidelines, reports BuzzFeed News – including the daily Alex Jones podcast and the show “War Room” – in “one of the largest enforcement actions intended to curb conspiratorial news content by a technology company to date.”

Meanwhile according to Bloomberg, Facebook removed the Alex Jones Channel Page, the Alex Jones Page, the Infowars Page and the Infowars Nightly News Page, which they said “have been unpublished for repeated violations of community standards and accumulating too many strikes.

Facebook said it reviewed content “glorifying violence, which violates our graphic violence policy, and using dehumanizing language to describe people who are transgender, Muslims and immigrants, which violates our hate speech policies”…

I do have to say that it’s perplexing that AJ never connects the history of western covert, military and financial attacks on mideast countries with the “refugee crisis”.   Not sure what’s going on there, but it’s quite an obscenity for the financial establishment which owns and controls these media platforms to suddenly be concerned about the welfare of muslims and immigrants after profiting from their brutal subjugation and decimation for so many years.   Apparently their idea of egalitarian politics is to broaden their  offensive to include the USA.   The smell of dead things is pretty obvious if you have the stomach to watch CNN.

In any case, despite his blind spots, or perhaps because of them, AJ is an “all american” hero whose continued existence is anathema to the genocidal satanic project which is being imposed on the world.  He also has a very viable business model which has been essential in surviving the years of establishment attacks and subterfuge that would have destroyed less resilient media operations such as democracy now, which was taken over by corporate interests years ago

Infowars deserves (we deserve) its continued contribution to the expanding public awareness of the ubergarchs lethal agenda.

FB and YT have been useful to those who have broken out of the personalized and automated filter-bubbles which google and FB impose on their users.   But now there are alternatives like bitchute, duckduckgo, and, at least until the legal counterfeiters of money figure out a way to buy them out.

A filter bubble is a state of intellectual isolation[1] that can result from personalized searches when a website algorithm selectively guesses what information a user would like to see based on information about the user, such as location, past click-behavior and search history.[2][3][4] As a result, users become separated from information that disagrees with their viewpoints, effectively isolating them in their own cultural or ideological bubbles.[5] The choices made by these algorithms are not transparent. Prime examples include Google Personalized Search results and Facebook‘s personalized news-stream….

A more subtle and effective form of censorship could hardly be imagined.   You are only exposed to paradigms that you already subscribe to, yet the illusion of intellectual freedom is maintained.

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