Veteran Dies in Police Custody – Family Says His Organs are Missing


… The family has attempted to hire a forensic pathologist in order to conduct an additional investigation, but they claimed that Palmer’s organs were needed—and they have mysteriously disappeared. According to a report from the York Daily Record, the family “questioned how some of Everett’s organs, including his brain and heart, were removed without notification and were not yet returned.”…

You know that legal document on the back of your drivers license that gives permission to donate your body to “medical science” ?   Don’t sign it unless you want to provide an economic incentive for others to expedite your death.   Seriously.    China is just taking a cue from the west.

Body Snatchers: Organ Harvesting For Profit

China’s organ trafficking exposed in shocking documentary that alleges the illegal trade is now worth a staggering US$1 billion a year

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