School Kids Shamed for Keeping The State Out of Their Bodies

First there’s the “fun invitation,” then there’s the friendly coaxing, then the surprise, then the amusement, then the incredulity, then the branding as a scientifically illiterate fool, then the “eewww” factor, then the public shaming, then the open hostility and finally the swat teams and CPS.   And all you want to do is preserve your human right as a parent to exercise due caution in keeping unknown and known harmful substances out of your kid’s body, because A) medicine is so ignorant it doesn’t even know it’s ignorant and apparently doesn’t really care B) medical incompetence is a reality, C) medical corruption is a reality, D) you don’t trust profit-driven and legally immune strangers because high level malevolence and ulterior motives are a reality and E) because you’re not a scientifically illiterate fool, you’ve actually taken the time to research things for yourself and seen the proven problems and unknowns, unlike the sheeple who constantly stampede to keep up with the herd.   Hidden money flows really can change societies.

Apparently, scientifically literate conscious parents need support groups now.


The Wayne County Board of Education in West Virginia has launched an investigation into an incident that happened with Principal Reva Wallace last week at Tolsia High School; according to students, Wallace called students out by name at a school assembly if they were not properly vaccinated then made them walk down the bleachers and exit the school in front of everyone.

Just Getcher Damn Vaccine

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