“Sandy Hook Promise” Rolls Out Orwellian Student Surveillance Dragnet

Sandy Hook Promise, the multi-million dollar 501(c)3 predicated on the Sandy Hook Massacre event, is actively partnering with school districts throughout the United States to institute a nationwide, extralegal intelligence-gathering system targeting students at taxpayer-funded public schools.

The trade-marked “‘Know the Signs’ prevention programs” feature the “Say Something Anonymous Reporting System,” which encourages minor students and school staff whose institutions have partnered with Sandy Hook Promise (SHP) to divulge observational information directly to an SHP-operated “crisis center” on peers they suspect of being future “active shooters,” or who may otherwise be perceived as “at-risk of hurting themselves and others.”…

SHP’s other trade-marked “violence prevention programs” include “Say Something,” “Start With Hello,” “Signs of Suicide,” and “Safety Assessment & Intervention.”

The Broward County School Board in South Florida, led by the former chief administrative officer of Chicago Public Schools Robert W. Runcie, has already signed a three year contract with SHP to implement the Say Something Reporting System across one of the largest school districts in the state….

The agreement comes months after the mass shooting event at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland. Like Sandy Hook, the Parkland shooting incident has numerous contradictions and anomalies, and within hours of its occurrence prominent Democratic Party leaders seized upon the tragedy to promote gun control and pave the way to the 2018 midterm elections.

The SHP contract language clearly indicates that the not-for-profit organization will be involved in instructional and information-gathering activities at Broward County public schools purporting to align with its “violence prevention programs.”…

SHP’s “violence prevention programs” appear to be developed in conjunction with at least one US government agency that, in order to “create safe school climates,” recommended an identical “threat assessment process” and intelligence-gathering system whereby school community members are encouraged to surveil each other. A recent SHP press releasereferences a document published in July 2018 by the United States Secret Service, “Enhancing School Safety Using a Threat Assessment Model.”…

The ideal violence prevention program, according to the Secret Service, would fulfill these specific functions:

  1. Establish a multidisciplinary threat assessment team
  2. Define behaviors
  3. Establish and provide training on a central reporting system
  4. Determine the threshold for law enforcement intervention
  5. Establish threat assessment procedures that include practices for maintaining documentation, identifying sources of information, reviewing records, and conducting interviews.

This report recommends that schools create “a targeted violence prevention plan,” which is exactly what SHP is carrying out in its “non-profit” endeavors. In such a system “students of concern” who express undesirable behavior or speech, upon being identified by peers and/or teachers to the “central reporting system,” are to be singled out for additional observation and potential “intervention” by law enforcement and other state actors.

Notably, both SHP and Secret Service “violence prevention” overtures use the February 14, 2018 mass shooting event at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School as a lynchpin for the broad implementation of such practices. According to eyewitness sources, including Parkland school staff, Secret Service personnel were oddly present at the Stoneman Douglas campus to alter security protocols weeks before the Valentine’s Day incident .

On December 14, 2012 the Sandy Hook massacre event was reported as fact by US news media, even though it remains difficult to ascertain what actually took place on that day. For weeks after the event the nation and world were terrorized by around-the-clock coverage and discussion of the narrative. At the same time powerful interests behind the multitude of gun control change agents, which included the families directly involved in the Sandy Hook event, capitalized on this fear. As a result of these efforts SHP and other ostensibly “non-profit” organizations have reaped tens of millions….

Sandy Hook Promise is presently directing its marketing prowess toward leaning on US public schools to enforce certain mental health protocols on children; what it terms “mental health first aid” that will purportedly prevent “another Sandy Hook.”

Indeed, Sandy Hook Promise has substantial resources to further an agenda of persuading an entire generation to both forsake their Second Amendment rights and be suspicious if not fearful of their peers and neighbors alike. Such and agenda is unhealthy for taxpayer-funded public schools and communities alike.

In the first four years of its existence the Sandy Hook massacre event’s premier fundraising organization has raised close to $15 million–an average of $3.7 million per year.

In 2013 and 2016 alone the nonprofit pumped the American public and larger donors for $14,822,769, according to the most recent IRS filings of the organization.

As MHB noted in 2016, these significant sums are due in no small part to the marketing talent heading up the organization and the fact that major news media have colluded to provide unlimited promotion of the event.

Tim Makris is Sandy Hook Promise’s full time Executive Director. Mr. Makris, who claims he had children attending Sandy Hook Elementary at the time of the December 14, 2012 incident, perhaps coincidentally brings twenty years of marketing and public relations experience to the project. As Makris’ LinkedIn profile reveals, he developed his skills in the corporate sector at Thule Inc., Procter & Gamble, and Schering-Plough Health Care.

Below is an excerpt of this savvy salesman’s pitch at the 2013 kickstart of the Sandy Hook Promise money engine.

Here is another video pitch Makris made to the prestigious Brookings Institution, where he explains in no uncertain terms Sandy Hook Promise’s public relations strategy to undermine the US Constitution and reshape US gun laws.

Sandy Hook Promise appears to have ties to the world of finance as well. Although the SHP board has seen some departures over the past two years, the previous chairperson of its Board of Directors, Kristin Lemkau, is Chief Marketing Officer of major global investment bank JPMorgan Chase.

And perhaps unsurprisingly Sandy Hook Promise is also linked to corporate news media. The organization’s former vice chair was Rob Cox, a founder and global editor of Reuters BreakingViews.

According to a profile of Cox published by his alma mater, The University of Vermont,

Within twenty-four hours of the massacre of twenty-six children at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Cox and a circle of friends were working to found what would become Sandy Hook Promise, an organization dedicated to healing their own community and doing all it can to make sure others do not suffer the same fate.

James Belden was a Sandy Hook corporate officer through 2017. In addition to serving as a Newtown Commissioner, he likewise brought marketing experience to Sandy Hook Promise.

Before funerals were even held for the deceased children or the results of a satisfactory crime scene investigation were close to completion Commissioner Belden was before television cameras promoting “Newtown United,” another non-profit, while stressing “the underlying issues that caused this horrible incident–not just gun control but mental health and awareness.”

At present one of its prominent board members is Bradley Miles, who also heads up the Polaris Project, “a global leader in the fight to eradicate human trafficking and to restore freedom to survivors,” according to one description of the charity industry celeb. “Under Myles’ leadership, Polaris has worked to strengthen the U.S. national movement against human trafficking through policy advocacy in all 50 states and through a wide range of training and capacity-building programs.”

The millions solicited by Sandy Hook Promise thus far is merely a fraction of an estimated $130 million in federal funding and private donations brought in by Sandy Hook related charities….

Sandy Hook Promise Directors’ Six Figure Salaries…


It’s a given that the “warning signs” are symptomatic of the non-stop campaign of intellectual, emotional and chemical oppression which are standard fare in young peasant “education”.   You can be sure the psychopharmaceutical complex is in line at the buffet where children’s brains are served up as a delicacy.   I’m sure they have a “disease” on the shelf for every symptom, except their own predatory instincts.   And the police state implications of cultivating a snitch network and “pre-crime” surveillance are hard to miss.

God help the kids.   The adults have abandoned them.

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