Reprise: Mundane explanation for mystery satellite movie “waves”

I’m reposting this in response to a recent video from infowars which appears to show some kind of “energy beam” emanating from antarctica on a noaa weather radar satellite video.    Right off the bat you’d have to wonder what the radar was bouncing off of because EM waves don’t bounce off of each other without some kind of nonlinear matter mediation.  Then there’s the radius of curvature of the herringbone pattern and the direction of concavity.   It doesn’t make sense.   This makes more sense to me.

This is not to impugn infowars, which I’ve generally found to be a reliable source especially on social and political issues, at least with regards to facts (I often disagree on matters of opinion).   Their access to whistleblowers in the military especially is amazing.

Mundane explanation for mystery satellite movie “waves”

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