Most of Michael Snyders “10 Signs” List Can be Traced to American Obstetrical Violence

Michael Snyder has compiled an alarming list of human dysfunction indicating the degree to which the infrastructure of american society has already collapsed.   You can find the article here:

Societies are incredibly complex and multidimensional echo chambers of course and I’m not claiming that there aren’t multiple contributing factors involved in each of these problems.   But it’s hard to overlook the focal point of human experience from which so many powerful ripples emerge and influence these issues, often very heavily.    That focal point of course is the birth imprint, in this case the spreading plague of the american birth imprint, which like all birthing traditions, is rife with intergenerational echos which tend to grow and perpetuate it.

We are primates and mammals.   The  behavioral templates associated with this evolutionary heritage, especially with regard to birth, early child care and reproductive behavior (as well as their neurological/behavioral receptors in infants and adults), are genetically encoded in humans at birth.     Unfortunately such templates can be epigenetically altered by mothers’ own birth trauma, leading to the stress and fear which drives so many women into the arms of the medical birth trauma machine.   And so the loop is complete.   The male genital mutilation factor is collateral damage which branches out from the central maternal-medical co-dependency loop.

Many people have tried for years to point out this elephant in the living room with little success, even among the alternative media.   This seemingly deliberate avoidance behavior is indicative of the explosive emotional content within.

Humans know how to have sex, give birth and raise kids.   If unmolested,  human families are perfectly capable of producing optimal human beings without any kind of medical “assistance” whatsoever.  Outsourcing such innate knowledge and ancient biological functions to the ruthlessly profit-driven corporo-governmental behemoth which is american medicine is beyond insanity.   On a long enough time scale, it is suicidal.

Below, I rely extensively on stuff I researched years ago and wrote up here and elsewhere, not because I’m an ultimate fountainhead of such information but because that’s what I’m most familiar with.   Of course I’ve stood on the shoulders of giants such as James Prescott and David Chamberlain, whose revolutionary scientific and empathic discoveries continue to be ignored by the alt media as they get on in their years.

The references I provide are by no means complete.   Follow the footnotes in the referenced articles and you’ll discover a much larger vista than I can include here.

You really want the truth?

Can you handle it?

10 Signs That America Is In Much Worse Trouble Than We All Thought…

#1 America is “the most dangerous country in the developed world to give birth in”

#2 America is absolutely teeming with sexual predators.

“MGM neurologically blocks the fulfillment of the sex drive without affecting the drive itself. This is likely to be a recipe for what psychiatrists call ‘obsessive-compulsive disorder.'”

“… Thus, the argument here is that circumcision is low-grade neurological castration. As a consequence of circumcision, the young men would be expected to be a ply more tractable and a ply less distractible. Fertility is not impaired. Aggressiveness is not impaired. The threshold for sexual excitability is simply raised. …”

#3 America has a massive problem with pedophilia.

See above.

#4 America is full of people that are looking to take advantage of others.

#6 America is a nation of addicts.

“Administration of multiple doses of opiates, barbiturates and nitrous oxide to mothers during delivery were found to increase the occurrence of subsequent opiate (RR 4.7, 95% CI 1.8-12.0, p = 0.002) or amphetamine (RR 5.6, 95% CI 1.6-16.9, p = 0.005) addiction in the offspring as compared to when no drug was given [22, 23].”

“It is the neuronal systems of the brain which mediate pleasure that regulate and control depression, violence and drug/alcohol abuse and addiction. This control and regulation is provided through the mechanisms of reciprocal inhibition. When the neuronal pleasure circuits of the brain are damaged by SAD-DNS (Somatosensory Affectional Deprivation/Denervation Supersensitivity) then they cannot perform their normative role of regulation and inhibition of those neuronal circuits that mediate depression and violent behaviors.”  — Dr. James W. Prescott

“… Later-Life Symptoms of Circumcision:
Other men with whom I have worked have also made causal connections between present-day problems–such as a sense of defeat, shyness, anger, or fear–and their neonatal circumcision experiences. I have developed a list of symptoms and behaviors that appear to have been caused or significantly conditioned by these neonatal experiences. Since these symptoms and behaviors can result from other traumatic experiences as well, this list should not be used as a diagnostic checklist to identify circumcision trauma; however, they may suggest its presence. These symptoms include: a sense of personal powerlessness… anger and violence toward women… irrational rage reactions… addictions and dependencies… difficulties in establishing intimate relationships… emotional numbing…”

Failure Of Pleasure As A Cause Of Drug/Alcohol Abuse & Addictions

#8 America seems to have an endless supply of cruel people.

“The early imprinting of excruciating pain on the pleasure networks of the brain likely encodes for sado-masochistic behavior in the adult.”

#10 America is inhabited by way too many idiots.

“Immediate clamping of the umbilical cord at birth has become a standard procedure during the past two decades. This merits investigation as the cause of increased incidence of autism. Clamping of the umbilical cord before the lungs function induces a period of total asphyxia and produces severe hypovolemia by preventing placental transfusion – a 30% to 50% loss of blood volume – resulting in a hypoxic, ischemic neonate at risk for brain damage. As in circulatory arrest and other factors that disrupt aerobic metabolism, damage of brainstem nuclei and the cerebellum can result. Visible damage seen in some cases of autism also involves brainstem nuclei and the cerebellum. The brainstem auditory pathway is especially vulnerable to brief total asphyxia. Impairment of the auditory system can be linked to verbal auditory agnosia, which underlies the language disorder in some children with autism. Due to blood loss into the placenta, the immediately clamped neonate is very prone to develop infant anemia that has been widely correlated with mental deficiency and learning / behavior disorders that become evident in grade school. We propose that increased incidence of autism, infant anemia, childhood mental disorders and hypoxic ischemic brain damage, all originate at birth from one cause – immediate umbilical cord clamping. This deserves to be investigated as extensively as genetics or exposure to toxic substances as an etiological factor for autism. Normal cord closure, with placental oxygenation and transfusion, prevents asphyxia and ischemia. Allowing physiological cord closure at every delivery could at least reduce the incidence of birth brain injuries.”
… “Immediate clamping of the umbilical cord before the child has breathed (ICC) has been condemned in obstetrical literature for over 200 years. [1] [2] In the 1970s, primate research [A][3][4] using ICC to produce neonatal asphyxia resulted in brain lesions similar to those of human neonatal asphyxia.”

“In 1975, the College Entrance Examination Board commissioned an advisory panel to examine the possible reasons for an alarming continuing decline in the scores of high school students on the Scholastic Aptitude Tests or, “SAT’s,” a decline which had started with the 18-year-olds born in 1945 and thereafter. From 1963 to 1977, the score average on the verbal part of the SAT’s fell 49 points. The mathematical scores declined 31 points. (1) (…)
“The SAT is designed to be an unchanging measurement. Considerable effort has been made to keep the test a sufficiently constant measure so that any particular score received on a current test indicates the same level of ability to do college work that the same score did 36 or 20 or 5 or 2 years ago. The SAT measures individual students’ capacities not only in comparison with their peers in the particular group but also in comparison with those who took the test in earlier years …. The SAT score decline does not result from changes in the test or in the methods of scoring it.” (2) (…)
“What happened around 1945 that might have contributed to declining academic performance in the United States in the years that followed? Consider this brief history: According to figures from the National Center for Health Statistics, hospitals were the setting for only 36.9% of American births in 1936. By 1945 that figure had more than doubled to 78.8%. In 1950, 88% of Americans were born in hospitals. In 1960 the figure was 96.6% and in 1970, 99.4%. (…)
“A reading of the obstetric literature indicates that there had always been philosophic differences among doctors regarding normal childbirth. There were those who felt it was best to allow nature to take its course and there were those who felt that intervention was better. In the years following the 40s and under the stresses of the population explosion, there was a tremendous acceleration of intervention in obstetric care. Instead of adapting to the time-consuming demands of normal childbirth, the obstetric community (with very few exceptions) changed normal childbirth to conform to the comfort of the mothers and the convenience of the doctors, hospital staffs and hospital routines — all at the expense of the fetus and newborn.”

I could go on and on and on and on and no one fucking cares.    My keyboard is about shorted out for god’s sake.   Is anyone paying attention???

Where it all starts: False Flag Obstetrics and Disaster Capitalism

Medical Research Rediscovers Harm of Immediate Cord Clamping

Medical Psychopaths Take a Stand Against Violence

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