Modern-day slavery: US prison strike enters its 2nd week

Prisoners across the US are on a nationwide strike over inhumane living conditions. There have been violent prison riots resulting in seven deaths and dozens of injuries.

One ingredient for mass social destabilization:

1) “recruit” peaceful, nonviolent, often well educated but circumcised (i.e. empathically and ecstatically destitute) recreational drug users from the collapsing middle class into the criminal universities which are prisons

2) abuse and exploit them to the Nth degree while depriving the broader society of their potentially beneficial economic and social energies and educating them in the meaning of worthlessness, self oppression and slavery

3) wait for the right time, then release them en masse in the name of compassion without the slightest effort to support them in reintegrating into the broader slave market (too expensive under austerity) which itself is already undergoing radical economic trauma and destabilization

This is or was part of the elite agenda for imposing the shock doctrine on the USA.   Trump’s election gave us some breathing room, but it remains to be seen whether he’ll steer the titanic away from the iceberg in time.

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