Lemonade Terrorists Get their Just Punishment

(Natural News) In order to maintain a safe and well-functioning society, it’s necessary to have law and order, which serves to keep the peace and protect the liberties of all people. But the legal system in the United States is utterly broken, as is the police system that thrives on depriving people of their God-given rights in exchange for “filthy lucre,” a.k.a. the love of money.

In the following clip, posted to REAL.video, Mark Passio from “What On Earth Is Happening” covers the recent spate of lemonade stand “crackdowns” where police officers have actually assaulted and arrested supposedly free Americans for “operating a ‘business’ without a license.”

As you’ll notice in the clip, the people serving lemonade on the White House lawn were merely exercising what Passio refers to as their natural law rights – that is, the freedom to live, breathe, and engage in harmless activity without the threat of interference or violence. But they were quickly targeted by jackboot cops who know nothing of natural law, and actually work against it every single day in order to get a paycheck.

“Setting up a lemonade stand, which has been a tradition in this country since its founding, [resulted in] cops … going over to them and saying that they’re operating a business without a license, to a child,” explains Passio. “You don’t need a license to do something that you have a natural law right to do, and that you’re not harming anyone as a result of that action.”

Cops in America would have been a perfect fit for manning the concentration camps in Nazi Germany

While these same cops would insist that they’re merely enforcing the law, which is their duty, what they fail to recognize is that there are many unjust and unconstitutional “laws” that violate natural law – and these natural law rights cannot be infringed.

These cops can be seen admitting this in the same video clip, revealing that they don’t really care what they’re told to do so long as they get paid….


The same brainwashing techniques are being used on the cops that were applied to doctors decades ago.   Transform altruistic motivations for joining up into fear-driven obedience.

A coincidence?

Let’s dispense with the purported public health concerns.   The idea is centralized control of the food supply by eliminating distributed, locally controlled, resilient and ecologically sound competition.   Hungry people will do anything to survive, including join death squads to enforce their own enslavement, such as thousands of peasants have done in latin america under US tutelage for decades.  http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2014/06/border-crisis-the-crocodile-tears-of-the-empire/   This is about far more than just lemonade, this is about the reliability of the food supply, which nearly came to a standstill after the “fed’s” housing megafraud bubble false flag.

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