Infowars: MSM Fueling Nazi-Style Censorship to Trigger Violence

Just say NO to violence: Censorship is an act of desperation by those who are already losing

Do NOT publicly harass Big Tech giants, the mainstream media or anyone else pushing mass censorship. Don’t do it. Just say no to violence.

The mainstream media is chomping at the bit to escalate this censorship purge of conservatives into a full-blown civil war. Don’t fall for the trap.

We’re already winning by standing back and allowing the world to see Big Tech giants for what they are: Unaccountable, multi-national corporations which do NOT value free speech – or any of the freedoms our nation was founded upon for that matter.

This is corporatism, not capitalism. This is collusion against the Bill of Rights. This is a full-blown shift toward the communist Chinese model of social engineering and censorship….

The first rule of activism is that the guy with the bomb is the government agent.

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