Former FCC Chair Admits Insider Shut Down Public Comments During Net Neutrality Hearings

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai acknowledged Monday that the FCC lied about its public comment system being taken down by a DDoS attack during the net neutrality repeal proceeding.

Pai blamed the spreading of false information on employees hired by the Obama administration and said that he isn’t to blame because he “inherited… a culture” from “the prior Administration” that led to the spreading of false information…

What a coincidence.   Of course it’s silly to even consider reopening the question for reconsideration.   After all, thousands of pages of paper have been printed, investment decisions have been made.

And so the privatization of information on the publicly financed “commons” of the internet continues.   Soon your neural patterns will be up for auction.   Who will you be to complain when you’re a wholly owned subsidiary of Earth, Inc?  After all they’ve already begun patenting human DNA.

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