FEMA Sandy Hook Crisis Drill Manual Online

I thought I was reasonably well versed in the systematic campaign of propaganda and false flags being used to usher us into disarmament  in the face of the obviously genocidal agenda of the puppet masters who have brought this country close to economic collapse.   But the news has been coming so fast no one can keep up.

It takes a lot of starry eyed trust in two-dimensional mass-produced demographically targeted politically “informed” “family friends” to overlook how the american economy has been transformed from a planetary powerhouse to our current situation in only 30 or so years.   You can’t possibly believe the uberarchs of the world don’t know how to run an economy.   They obviously do, and they obviously have major new plans for the USA.   Disaster capitalism is the most lucrative kind of investment in terms of profit per unit time.   They made out like  bandits during their imposed Great Ripoff of the 30’s.  http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2015/02/milton-friedman-on-the-origins-of-the-great-ripoff/

Manufacturing the sandy hook event out of whole cloth would be perfectly consistent with this false flag government which never met or created a crisis that didn’t suit it perfectly.   Social control 101: chaos in the streets means mass adherence to centralized authority.

But I didn’t know that James Fetzer had procured a copy of the actual FEMA drill manual which was used as the script for sandy hook.

This is the first page of appendix A of the pdf at the bottom of http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2018/02/red-pill-pdf-nobody-died-at-sandy-hook/

The manual certainly looks authentic, complete with bureaucratic legalese and “this page intentionally left blank” ironies.  Given what I already know this is not at all a surprise to me.  If you’re not there yet, I suggest you get busy studying, keeping in mind the deluge of rabbit holes that have been put on the net since the event.   You could start here: http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2017/04/staged-massacres-eyewitness-accounts-being-scrubbed-from-internet/

It seems the establishment is so confident of their control of the courts and the MSM that they think they can sue Alex Jones to bankruptcy based on a huge pile of inconsistent, self referential hearsay, under oath.  This should be interesting.

If his lawyers can’t figure this stuff out there must be something else going on.    Alex Jones would be a prefect straw man to denigrate the “truth movement” or whatever you want to call it.   Sowing doubt about 9/11 and all the other fake news he’s helped to expose would be worth it if they can use him to disarm the country.  http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2018/08/tsm-meet-the-strawman-to-erase-our-first-amendment-online/

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