Electronic Markets Show Majority Odds Democrats Win House, GOP Holds Senate

…  a look at the latest Iowa Electronic Markets online marketplace – one of the preferred electronic venues to track market odds of the outcome of the 2018 Midterm elections – shows that as of this moment, there is a more than 50% probability that Democrats will win the House, even as Republicans retain control of the Senate.

The chart below is the “US Congressional Control Market” contract, and specifically bets that Democrats win the House, and Republican win the Senate. It shows that for the first time, the contract has crossed above 50%, a move which was catalyzed over the past 3 days following the latest newsflow out of Washington….


I never thought I’d say this.   The repugs are nearly as toxic as the demoncrats have turned out to be.   The invisible agenda is the “new world order”, and though it’s a bipartisan effort, the political wedge which is the trump administration has slowed the march to absolute impoverishment and bloodthirsty tyranny and given us a little breathing room.   If he is impeached then pence will take over.   Pence has every indication of being on the wrong side.

We as a country are backed into a corner.   If there was ever a time for choosing the lesser of two evils it is now.   The influence of party identity politics should not be underestimated.   If trump is impeached we will certainly be more screwed than we already are.   In another article a case was made for the “non-incumbent party” but I personally have to prioritize the immediate emergency over the longer-term emergency.   I’m going to have to vote repug across the board, simply because it might allow trump to finish his term.   Just MHO.

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