CIA’s Kremlin Spies Suddenly Go Dark

Or more precisely, the permanent govt wants us to believe that the CIA’s kremlin spies have suddenly gone dark.   Is this a way of blinding the rank and file in the CIA to what is really going on in russia?   Or is the CIA knocking off its own agents to blame russia as a pretext for war, as they attempted to do in turkey?   Who knows?

CIA spies operating within the Kremlin have suddenly “gone to ground” according to the New York Times, citing American officials clearly abusing their security clearances.

The officials do not think their sources have been compromised or killed – rather, they’ve been spooked into silence amid “more aggressive counterintelligence by Moscow, including efforts to kill spies,” according to the Times, pointing to the still-unsolved March poisoning of former Russian double-agent Sergei Skripal in the UK.

Curiously, the Times immediately suggests that the lack of intelligence is “leaving the CIA and other spy agencies in the dark about precisely what Mr. Putin’s intentions are for November’s midterm elections.” …

One need only reflect on the times’ silence on state of the election machinery in this country to realize that their claimed concern for election integrity is not to be taken seriously.

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