Despite Plans of School Shootings, Dead Child, Charges Dismissed Against 3 Muslim Terror Imports

The invisible government’s puppeteering of its manufactured muslim extremists continues.


In a shocking move, despite mountains of evidence they planned to carry out terror attacks, and a dead child, a judge dismissed all charges against the alleged extremists.
Despite finding plans to wage acts of terrorism against a myriad of locations across the United States on their property, hand written notes detailing ideal attack sites, calls for Jihad against “specific targets such as teachers, schools, banks and other “corrupt” institutions,” and a dead toddler on their compound, a New Mexico judge dismissed all charges against three of the alleged terrorists who were reported to have trained children to be school shooters….

As we continue to get updates on more gruesome discoveries and the squalid living conditions at a New Mexico compound that included 11 starving children (ages one to 15) and the dead body of one child, one key detail had gone totally unreported by the major broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC): The ties to radical Islam….

Media Oblivious to Subterfuge at New Mexico Jihad Encampment

FBI Caught Again Facilitating Domestic Terror Attack

The Muslim Weapon

Flashback: Cele Castillo – CIA Drug and Gun Running

I know this is old news and part of a monotonously predictable pattern, but I also know that most people have still not woken up to the situation in this country, where the “free press” has long functioned as the most effective tool of mass brainwashing and deception in human history, really beyond human imagination, while the govt and corporate interests that control it have pretty much fulfilled some kind of biblical description of pure evil.   We are living in the twilight zone, but the full moon is starting to peek above the horizon.

Mussolini described fascism as the merger of corporations and the state, and the most cursory study of how washington functions pretty much satisfies that criterion.   The only reason there aren’t troops on the street is that they aren’t needed because the masses are still asleep thanks to the MSM, and the tranquility of the american middle class has been useful in funding the preparation for the NWO project.   But people are starting to wake up at the beginning of an exponential rate, the NWO preparations are pretty much complete (although unstable since the election of Trump), the engineered economic catastrophe which is supposed to usher us into it is probably only months away, and Trump would have to work a miracle to avoid it.

The “drug war” has been useful in such preparations in at least two ways: massive economic harvesting and mass social destabilization here and abroad, resulting in social atomization, desperation and a rising fear-driven adherence to centralized authority.   Both have served our masters well, but the ongoing vaccine coverups and the increasing militarization of vaccination, suggests that the social control function of the covert market in voluntary drug use is being supplanted by an enforced regime of overt medically mediated totalitarian control, of which circumcision and obstetrical violence have long been a part.   Meanwhile the money mirage is giving way to an electronic framework which will finally expose the magic shell game of debt money for all to see.   Not that most people will be able to see it, but maybe their grandparents could have.   The social engineering continues ….

Either that or I’m just a paranoid old man.   I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Another interview Jones did with Castillo starts around 1:00 into this show:

The whole show is worth a listen as it also deals with 9/11 and the fake war on terror.

Here’s Castillo’s web site.  Many of the video clips there have been deleted (shredded) but there’s still a lot of text, audio and video.

The CIA and the Crack Cocaine Epidemic