Film Review: The Minds of Men

From the opening of Truthstream Media’s first full-length documentary THE MINDS OF MEN, the general aesthetic — from the narration to the black-and-white appearance to the bizarre imagery — is properly reminiscent of an episode of The Twilight Zone.

Featuring original music and character voicing by Melissa and Aaron Dykes, viewers will learn about the people behind mind-control programs designed and implemented by the military, universities, foundations, elite societies, science and government institutions. THE MINDS OF MEN weaves archival video footage, news clippings, primary research papers, interviews, and analysis into a stunning trove of conclusions about what humanity faces.

As the nearly 4-hour film commences, Part I introduces a chronicle of various experiments on unwitting populations, and the mad science torture methods of breaking down the psyche in an attempt to rewrite the human brain much as one would a computer hard drive.

Viewers might feel like they are completely familiar with projects like the CIA’s MKULTRA, but this well-known program is only used to set the stage. Aaron and Melissa begin to delve deep into the lesser-known subprojects that were developed to create a broad array of tactics and technologies that were tested on many unwitting human beings.

In fact, as the filmmakers expertly document, no one has been off-limits when it comes to military research into the inner workings of the human mind. Psychological, pharmacological and technological trauma was routinely used in tests on military personnel, inmates, hospital patients and even children….

Newsbud: The August Purge

Social media corporations first purged Alex Jones, and then went after a handful of libertarians. In the span of a few hours, all lost their social media voice. The social media giants have picked off accounts here and there for months, but they were just in the bull pen warming up. Facebook is now taking down pages on the advice of the Atlantic Council, a globalist think tank that receives funding from over a hundred transnational corporations, banks, fifteen foreign governments, and NATO. This isn’t about money. It’s about controlling the message. It’s about re-engineering the internet to make it difficult or even impossible for people to access information outside parameters established by corporations and government. The endgame will be criminalization of anonymity and encryption. It might not be long before the United States ends up with a system like the UK, France, and Germany. PC offenders are now fined, sued, and imprisoned across Europe. It has been a high crime in Germany and France for decades to question the official story of the Holocaust. Transcend certain bounds and the state will ruin your life. Probably some day not too far off in the future the global internet will resemble China’s Great Firewall—complete control by the state.

CIA’s Kremlin Spies Suddenly Go Dark

Or more precisely, the permanent govt wants us to believe that the CIA’s kremlin spies have suddenly gone dark.   Is this a way of blinding the rank and file in the CIA to what is really going on in russia?   Or is the CIA knocking off its own agents to blame russia as a pretext for war, as they attempted to do in turkey?   Who knows?

CIA spies operating within the Kremlin have suddenly “gone to ground” according to the New York Times, citing American officials clearly abusing their security clearances.

The officials do not think their sources have been compromised or killed – rather, they’ve been spooked into silence amid “more aggressive counterintelligence by Moscow, including efforts to kill spies,” according to the Times, pointing to the still-unsolved March poisoning of former Russian double-agent Sergei Skripal in the UK.

Curiously, the Times immediately suggests that the lack of intelligence is “leaving the CIA and other spy agencies in the dark about precisely what Mr. Putin’s intentions are for November’s midterm elections.” …

One need only reflect on the times’ silence on state of the election machinery in this country to realize that their claimed concern for election integrity is not to be taken seriously.

The Real Election Hack: Black Box Voting

America Has Become a State of Undeclared Martial Law

This is why “peace activists” who refuse to confront the 9/11 lie are controlled opposition, complicit in the murder and torture of thousands of innocents abroad, and the emerging police state at home.   There is no room for agnosticism on this.  After 17 years, any person of integrity and reasonable intelligence has had enough time to do their own research and come to their own conclusions on the events of that day.    Ignorance of the facts at this point can only be willful.  The only question is whether they have the courage and honesty to stand on the side of sanity and justice, or prefer the temporary safety of an imposed new “normal.”

The hypocrisy and cowardice of the so-called leaders in the so-called peace movement are breathtaking.   Do these people stand for anything at all?

This is quite obviously a fascist coup.   Treason.   The stuff of genocide.   Financed by the same interests which financed the rise of hitler.   The kids deserve better than this.

Which side are YOU on?

America has been turned into a state of undeclared martial law by an authoritarian federal government and their power hungry enforcers who see citizens as their enemies.

“A government which will turn its tanks upon its people, for any reason, is a government with a taste of blood and a thirst for power and must either be smartly rebuked, or blindly obeyed in deadly fear.”—John Salter

(TRI) Police in a small Georgia town tasered a 5-foot-2, 87-year-old woman who was using a kitchen knife to cut dandelions for use in a recipe. Police claim they had no choice but to taser the old woman, who does not speak English but was smiling at police to indicate she was friendly, because she failed to comply with orders to put down the knife.

Police in California are being sued for using excessive force against a deaf 76-year-old woman who was allegedly jaywalking and failed to halt when police yelled at her. According to the lawsuit, police searched the woman and her grocery bags. She was then slammed to the ground, had a foot or knee placed behind her neck or back, handcuffed, arrested and cited for jaywalking and resisting arrest.

In Alabama, police first tasered then shot and killed an unarmed man who refused to show his driver’s license after attempting to turn in a stray dog he’d found to the local dog shelter. The man’s girlfriend and their three children, all under the age of 10, witnessed the shooting.

In New York, Customs and Border Protection officers have come under fire for subjecting female travelers (including minors) to random body searches that include strip searches while menstruating, genital probing, and forced pelvic exams, X-rays and intravenous drugs at area hospitals.

At a California gas station, ICE agents surrounded a man who was taking his pregnant wife to the hospital to deliver their baby, demanding that he show identification. Having forgotten his documents at home in the rush to get to the hospital, the husband offered to go get them. Refusing to allow him to do so, ICE agents handcuffed and arrested the man for not having an ID with him, leaving his wife to find her way alone to the hospital. The father of five, including the newborn, has lived and worked in the U.S. for 12 years with his wife.

These are not isolated incidents.

These cases are legion.

This is what a state of undeclared martial law looks like, when you can be arrested, tasered, shot, brutalized and in some cases killed merely for not complying with a government agent’s order or not complying fast enough.

This isn’t just happening in crime-ridden inner cities.

It’s happening all across the country.

America has been locked down.

This is what it’s like to be a citizen of the American police state.

This is what it’s like to be an enemy combatant in your own country.

This is what it feels like to be a conquered people.

This is what it feels like to be an occupied nation….

Tech Companies Gathering For A Secret Meeting To Prepare A 2018 Election Strategy

Reps from up to a dozen of the US’s biggest tech companies plan to meet in San Francisco to discuss efforts to counter manipulation of their platforms.

Representatives from a host of the biggest US tech companies, including Facebook and Twitter, have scheduled a private meeting for Friday to share their tactics in preparation for the 2018 midterm elections.

Last week, Facebook’s head of cybersecurity policy, Nathaniel Gleicher, invited employees from a dozen companies, including Google, Microsoft, and Snapchat, to gather at Twitter’s headquarters in downtown San Francisco, according to an email obtained by BuzzFeed News.

“As I’ve mentioned to several of you over the last few weeks, we have been looking to schedule a follow-on discussion to our industry conversation about information operations, election protection, and the work we are all doing to tackle these challenges,” Gleicher wrote.

The meeting, the Facebook official wrote, will have a three-part agenda: each company will present the work they’ve been doing to counter information operations; there will be a discussion period for problems each company faces; and a talk about whether such a meeting should become a regular occurrence.

In May, nine of those companies met at Facebook to discuss similar problems, alongside two US government representatives, Department of Homeland Security Under Secretary Chris Krebs and Mike Burham from the FBI’s Foreign Influence Task Force, created in November. Attendees left the meeting discouraged that they received little information from the government.

Tech companies, Facebook and Twitter in particular, have faced intense scrutiny for how slowly they initially reacted to reports that foreign intelligence and affiliated operations used their platforms to manipulate users ahead of the 2016 election, leading to drops in user confidence and a threat of regulation from lawmakers….

WIKILEAKS: Google-Alphabet Chair Eric Schmidt Offered to “Fund, Advise, Recruit” for Hillary

Why the masses are becoming cognitively retarded and incapable of rational thought

(Natural News) Is society getting dumber by the day? It may not just be your imagination: As Dr. Russell Blaylock, a retired neurosurgeron, posits, the stupidity of the masses may be by design. Through a barrage of toxic chemicals and compounds, Blaylock says the government is purposely trying to dumb-down the masses. A dumber society is more easily controlled, after all.

Whether it’s the mercury in vaccines, the fluoride in our water, or the dozens of pesticides applied to our food, it’s hard not to suspect that the government knows exactly what they’re doing. The toxicity of these chemicals and compounds is well-documented, yet nothing is ever done to reduce the presence of harmful compounds in our environment. Why else would the government willingly pollute the environment, public water supplies and more?

Where has intelligence gone?

Dr. Blaylock explained in a video lecture that we are bombarded with a stream of toxins that are known to disrupt normal brain function. “We’re seeing a society that not only has a lot more people of lower IQ, but a lot fewer people of higher IQ. In other words, a dumbing down, a chemical dumbing down of society,” he stated.

Blaylock contends that this trend has made people more dependent on the government. “We have these people of lower IQ, who are totally dependent. Then we have this mass of people who are going to believe anything they are told because they can’t really think clearly — and very few people of a very high IQ have good cognitive function who can  figure this all out,” he explained.

“That’s what they want,” Blaylock said.

As Natural Newswriter S.D. Wells explains, the FDA is easily seen as an edifice of fraud. The federal agency, which is purportedly charged with ensuring food and drugs are safe, actually does neither. The FDA never conducts their own testing; they rely on “data” cherry-picked for them by manufacturers. The FDA doesn’t test food additives to see if they are safe, or if they will react negatively with other additives. In short, the FDA knows nothing about what’s in our food or how it might affect humans. The same can be said of prescription drugs.

Depleting intelligence at every turn

There are a bevy of toxins that people are exposed to everyday here in the states. Whether its toxic food additives, mercury-laden vaccines, pesticides and herbicides or fluoride, the sad truth is that toxicity has become a part of daily life for many people.

Fluoride is a known neurotoxin, yet it is added to our water supplies in the name of “public health.” Fluoride is not an essential nutrient; it’s not a nutrient at all, actually. Almost 67 percent of public water in the U.S. is fluoridated, under the erroneous notion that it will protect teeth against tooth decay. Many  of our “peer” nations have rejected the idea of water fluoridation, such as Denmark, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden, China and Japan. Multiple studies have shown that fluoridated water lowers IQ in children — so it’s really best to avoid it.

But it’s not just what they’re adding to food and water and vaccines that’s making America stupid: Even the education system is complicit in the plan to dumb down the country. A study by NASA scientists recently confirmed that many people are born “creative geniuses” but their intelligence is ultimately hampered by the U.S. education system. Perhaps calling it the “re-education” system would be more appropriate?

The end-goal of the government is not to have a free and intelligent society; the globalists would rather turn us into a sea of malleable drones that do as they’re told.

Defections from Pax Americana Coming Louder and Faster

It seems everyday I wake up and see another instance of defections coming from US allies over the behavior of some corner of the Trump Administration.

Over the weekend Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte hit back strongly at US Assistant Secretary of Defense for Asian and Pacific Affairs Randall Schriver who told Duterte to “think very carefully” about acquiring a Russian submarine.

Now if you know anything about Duterte he rarely thinks very carefully before opening his mouth. And this time was no different. He rightly told Schriver publicly to get stuffed and make his case why the Philippines shouldn’t pursue its best interests.

Moreover, as always, Duterte invited Schriver to a face-to-face meeting over this.

The US is applying the same pressure to India over buying S-400 missile defense systems from Russia. Turkey’s troubles with the US are all over the news with Pastor Brunson the public reason but it is Turkey’s working closely with Russia on important energy projects like the massive Turkish Stream pipeline, nuclear power plants as well as committing India’s sin of choosing the S-400 over the US Patriot system.

A Patriot system, by the way, that has been proven in recent months by the Syrian Army to be very ineffective. Meanwhile Iran unveiled its first homegrown fighter jet in a clear act of independence which will not be tolerated.

What started as small moments of defiance a few years ago are turning into full-throated shouts of opposition as the US pushes its leverage in financial markets to step on the necks of anyone who doesn’t toe the line.

And Trump feeds off this by casting everyone as a leach who has been sucking off the US’s breast for decades. It doesn’t matter the issue, to Trump US economic fragility is a hammer and every trade and military partner a nail to be bashed over the head to pay their way.

What we are seeing is the culmination of a long-term plan by global elites to tighten the financial noose around the world through overlapping trade and tariff structures and weaponizing the dollar’s position at the center of global financial interdependence.

Trump is against that in principle, but not against the US maintaining as much of the empire as possible.

So, everyday another round of sanctions makes the case against continuing to do business with the US stronger. Everyday another global player speaks with Russian President Vladimir Putin and makes contingency plans for a world without the dollar at the center of it all.

The latest major one was with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. This meeting wasn’t expected to provide anything concrete, only vague assurances that projects like the Nordstream 2 pipeline goes through.

But, no breakthroughs on Crimea or Ukraine were expected nor delivered. It was, however, an opportunity for both Putin and Merkel to be humanized in the European media. Between Putin’s attending Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl’s wedding as well as the garden party photo op background for their talk, this meeting between them was a bit of a ‘charm tour’ to assist Merkel in the polls while expanding on Putin’s humanity post World Cup and Helsinki.

That said, however, the statement by Merkel’s Foreign Minister, Heiko Maas, about the need for a new financial payment system which bypasses the US-dominated SWIFT system was the big bombshell….