Guns and Butter on KPFA Ban

Dear Guns and Butter Supporters and Listeners,

Guns and Butter has been taken off the KPFA airwaves by the General Manager of the station.

I received on Wednesday, August 8th, before Guns and Butter would have aired on KPFA, the following email from the General Manager:


KPFA will cease broadcasting “Guns and Butter” effective immediately.

We’ve received an avalanche of negative calls and emails from listeners about your uncritically airing of views by a holocaust denier, climate denial and casting the Parkland mass shooting survivors as crisis actors.  As steward of our airways, we can’t defend this content to our listeners.


Quincy McCoy     Kevin Cartwright
General Manager  Program Director

This was followed by removal of the entire KPFA broadcast archives of Guns and Butter, down the memory hole.

KPFA defines itself as “Free Speech Radio” and this reaction is a form of censorship.  There was no discussion of these claims, nor any provision for due process or community involvement before these actions were taken.  If you are as taken aback as we are, as many of our listeners have already expressed to us by email, you can have your voice heard in this matter.

You can make in-person comments at the next KPFA Local Station Board Meeting this Saturday.

In Person Comments:

KPFA Local Station Board Meeting
Saturday, August 18th, 11:00AM
Town Hall Meeting, 1:00PM.
Public comments will be taken.

North Berkeley Senior Center
1901 Hearst Avenue
Berkeley, California
(Hearst Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Way)
(Wheel chair accessible)

Online Comments:

Feel free to copy us on any emails ( you send in and let us know if you attend the Local Station Board Meeting.

And please forward this to others you know who have the same concerns. With the recent move of censorship by many companies, it is more important than ever to make your voice heard.

On July 24th, after registering unique premiums I had developed for the two-week KPFA Summer Fund Drive, I received an email from the pledge room informing me that Guns and Butter was pre-empted for the two-week fund drive.  The show had never been pre-empted during fund drives, no reason was given, nor any prior notice.

On July 18th I received one other message from the station – the General Manager forwarded to me two email complaints from listeners, the day Guns and Butter aired The Impact of Zionist Influence in the U.S., a presentation by Alan Sabrosky as part of a panel, Zionism – Deconstructing the Power Paradigm, from an online conference.  The GM wrote that he agreed with the criticism, that there was “nothing in the mission that agrees or allows unbalanced issue shows like this especially about a topic as sensitive as this.”

Response to Claims
“Holocaust Denial” Alan Sabrosky is a Jewish American war veteran and former Army War College Director at the Strategic Studies Institute. He did not claim that there was no persecution of Jewish people in fascist Germany.  The focus of his talk was on present and future perils, specifically war with Iran.  Airing his brief comments on WWII is apparently what has angered some people.  There could be an equivalent number of people who appreciated those comments but did not choose to send an email about them.

“Climate Denial”  (Whatever that means)  Programming on Guns and Butter has covered climate disruption, climate extremes, etc.  It has not flat out supported the theory that global warming is the future trend because there are other scientific phenomenon and influences on the climate that are being studied such as sun cycles, space weather and the weakening of the earth’s magnetosphere, among other factors, that should be considered.

“Crisis Actors” No one on the show claimed that Parkland student shooting survivors were crisis actors.  What was pointed out was that it was suspicious that the student activist whose political narrative was picked up by the media was not even at the school during the shooting, but showed up right afterward….

Fate Of Key Gas Pipeline In The Balance As Putin, Merkel Begin Meeting

“Russian influence will flow through that pipeline right into Europe, and that is what we are going to prevent,” an unnamed U.S. official told the Wall Street Journaljust as Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chancellor Angela Merkel meet outside of Berlin on Saturday centered on the two countries moving forward with the controversial Russian-German Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, but also involving issues from the Iran nuclear deal to ending the war in Syria.

Intense pressure from Washington is overshadowing the project, construction of which is already in advanced stages, as the WSJ cites current and former US officials who say sanctions are under discussion and could be mobilized in a mere matter of weeks.

These potential sanctions, ostensibly being discussed in response to US intelligence claims of Russian interference in the 2016 election, could target companies and financial firms involved in the massive pipeline’s construction.

This comes after comments from President Trump at the opening of a NATO summit in July made things uncomfortable for his German counterpart when he said that Germany is so dependent on Russia for energy that it’s essentially being “held captive” by Vladimir Putin and his government.

“Germany is captive of Russia because it is getting so much of its energy from Russia. They pay billions of dollars to Russia and we have to defend them against Russia,” Trump told NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg at a televised opening breakfast.

The pipeline has been opposed by multiple US administrations, who have long accuse the Kremlin of seeking to accrue political leverage over Europe given the latter’s already high dependence on Russian natural gas. The pipeline has been a frequent talking point and target of attacks by Trump, who has threatened to escalate the trade war against Germany going back months if it supported the construction of the pipeline….

Driving a wedge between germany and russia has been a geostrategic objective of the anglo-american alliance for over a century now.

U.S. government seeks Facebook help to wiretap Messenger


(Reuters) – The U.S. government is trying to force Facebook Inc (FB.O) to break the encryption in its popular Messenger app so law enforcement may listen to a suspect’s voice conversations in a criminal probe, three people briefed on the case said, resurrecting the issue of whether companies can be compelled to alter their products to enable surveillance….

It’s ludicrous to think FB wouldn’t jump at the chance to cooperate in this provided they were offered the right inducements.

FEMA Sandy Hook Crisis Drill Manual Online

I thought I was reasonably well versed in the systematic campaign of propaganda and false flags being used to usher us into disarmament  in the face of the obviously genocidal agenda of the puppet masters who have brought this country close to economic collapse.   But the news has been coming so fast no one can keep up.

It takes a lot of starry eyed trust in two-dimensional mass-produced demographically targeted politically “informed” “family friends” to overlook how the american economy has been transformed from a planetary powerhouse to our current situation in only 30 or so years.   You can’t possibly believe the uberarchs of the world don’t know how to run an economy.   They obviously do, and they obviously have major new plans for the USA.   Disaster capitalism is the most lucrative kind of investment in terms of profit per unit time.   They made out like  bandits during their imposed Great Ripoff of the 30’s.

Manufacturing the sandy hook event out of whole cloth would be perfectly consistent with this false flag government which never met or created a crisis that didn’t suit it perfectly.   Social control 101: chaos in the streets means mass adherence to centralized authority.

But I didn’t know that James Fetzer had procured a copy of the actual FEMA drill manual which was used as the script for sandy hook.

This is the first page of appendix A of the pdf at the bottom of

The manual certainly looks authentic, complete with bureaucratic legalese and “this page intentionally left blank” ironies.  Given what I already know this is not at all a surprise to me.  If you’re not there yet, I suggest you get busy studying, keeping in mind the deluge of rabbit holes that have been put on the net since the event.   You could start here:

It seems the establishment is so confident of their control of the courts and the MSM that they think they can sue Alex Jones to bankruptcy based on a huge pile of inconsistent, self referential hearsay, under oath.  This should be interesting.

If his lawyers can’t figure this stuff out there must be something else going on.    Alex Jones would be a prefect straw man to denigrate the “truth movement” or whatever you want to call it.   Sowing doubt about 9/11 and all the other fake news he’s helped to expose would be worth it if they can use him to disarm the country.

Fast & Furious Shows that US Torture Elite Will Kill for Disarmament

How to Stop Terror Attacks

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: A Life Altering Condition

Air “fresheners” and other odor masking chemicals work by numbing your olfactory nerves.   Seriously.   Did you really think they removed anything from the air?

Ever have a bad reaction to a scent like so-called air freshener or the fragrance from laundry soap or fabric softener?

There’s a good reason for that.

These product contain actual neurotoxins, chemicals that disrupt the normal functioning of the nervous system.

Some people are made very sick by these products. They literally have the same reaction one would have from exposure to toxic gas. Severe headaches, dizziness, inability to think clearly, “speediness”, and a feeling of drunkenness come over them. People with certain kinds of asthma can even have life threatening reactions.

The Center for Disease Control knows about the dangers of these products and bans their use in their agency’s offices.

But what about the rest of the public? ……