Guns and Butter: Zionism – Deconstructing the Power Paradigm, Part One

Panel presentations at the Deep Truth: Visionaries Speak Out online video conference of June 10th, 2018, produced by No Lies Radio and Kevin Barrett on “Anti-Semitism, Anti-Zionism, Judeophobia: Lets Define Our Terms”; Philip Giraldi on “How Jewish Power Sustains the Israel Narrative” and Gilad Atzmon on “Truth, Truthfulness and Palestine”.

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KPFA Bans Guns and Butter, Purges Archived Episodes

KPFA management has cancelled the “Guns and Butter” show after a bad fund drive and complaints from funders.

“Guns and Butter” will no longer be broadcast on KPFA.

After an avalanche of negative calls and emails from listeners about the airing of views of a holocaust denier, climate change denial and casting the Parkland mass shooting survivors as crisis actors. KPFA cannot defend this content.

Please direct all comments to KPFA’s comment line at comments [at] or 510-848-6767 ext 622.
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WHEN: AUGUST 18, 2018 @ 11:00 AM


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They forgot the blatant censorship of the GNB show with Gary Null on vaccines.
Did you hear?  The corporate establishment never lies and it’s always right.   History isn’t written by the victors, it’s written by detached academics floating in the clouds over your head, whose only connection with the victors is that they pay their salaries.   Democracy died for your sins.  Vaccines good, breast milk bad.   Circumcision good, sex bad.   Remember the Maine.  Remember the Lusitiania.   Pearl Harbor.  Tonkin gulf.   Communists.  Freedom fighters.  9/11.  Terrorists.  Iraq WMD’s.   Osama bin Laden.  Medical science.     Swine flu.  Global cooling.   Global warming.  Global climate change.  Fear, fear, fear.   Money money money.   Oops!  Scratch that last part.   But do keep it coming.
Supposedly GNB is still available on WBAI in new york, and of course on

Normalizing pedophilia & bestiality: Democrat Senate candidate Jerome Segal’s campaign ad

Formerly at which is now offline.

Normalizing pedophilia & bestiality: Democrat Senate candidate Jerome Segal’s campaign ad

Jerome Segal, 74, is a Democratic primary candidate for the U.S. Senate in Maryland.

On June 22, 2018, Anna Masoglia, a writer for, tweeted that Segal paid at least $25,464 for a campaign ad in the Washington Post.

Segal begins the ad by identifying himself as a socialist. He then asks his potential voters a series of bizarre, politics-unrelated, non sequitur questions on pedophilia and bestiality:

“Did you ever stare at a picture of a naked child? Full frontal? Did it bring about emotions, ones that might have surprised you?”

“Did you ever watch a video of a three-way, between two men, one white and one black, and a big dog? One a big fellow and another kind [sic] slender? And did you feel strange emotions? Does it come readily back to your mind?”

Segal then asks:

“Did you ever find yourself in close proximity to someone very different, someone you might never want to be seen with, someone whose raw physical needs were right there on the surface? Did it both make you want to run away and make you want to reach out your hand?”

He then assures the reader that those pedophile and bestiality feelings are completely natural:

“Don’t worry. These reactions sometimes happen to all of us. It doesn’t mean you are a socialist. Whew.”

The rest of his long rambling campaign ad is about socialism and capitalism.

He ends the ad with this:

“My name is Jerome Segal. I’m a socialist and proud. I’m happy to be part of the LGBTQ&S community, and you should fess up, and be proud as well.”

Here’s a screen shot of the ad:

Jerome Segal's WaPo campaign ad

According to Wikipedia, Jerome Segal is “an American philosopher and political activist in Silver Spring, Maryland,” a former aide to aide to Congressman Donald M. Fraser, “a research scholar at the University of Maryland and the president of the Jewish Peace Lobby.”

H/t Big League Politics and Voat

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Dinesh D’Souza speech

You don’t have to agree with everything he says to enjoy the speech.  His idealization of the reagan admin especially is a bit simplistic given that GHWBush pretty much took over US foreign policy (and presumably domestic intelligence policy) after the son of a bush family friend (John Hinckley) nearly killed reagan soon after his inauguration.   The question of whether he was somehow mind-manipulated during his hospital stay cannot be automatically dismissed.   He was certainly drugged.   He is reported to have frequently dozed off during cabinet meetings.   Bush’s policies in latin america during the 80’s were certainly worthy of the son of a money launderer for the nazi military industrial complex in WWII.   (see and ) Reagan was  surrounded by neocons like cheney and rumsfeld who have long been working with the same interests as bush.  It might be accurate to say that we never really had a reagan administration except from a PR perspective.

Assault by Baltimore County Police Officers on CPS’d and SRA’d Woman

SRA=Satanic Ritual Abuse (as a child, follow the links starting at the first article below)   Also see: for the connection to the pedophiles’ marketing of children to the rich and powerful, including the police, for the purpose of blackmail.

OMG: CPS’d Family Under Threat for Speaking Out re: Satanic Cult

Franklin Coverup: The White House Call Boy Ring

Operation Mind Control


“A magnificent book, moral, significant, unforgettable” Richard Condor author of
“The Manchurian Candidate”

In the Manchurian Candidate it was fiction, here it is in bone chilling fact.

The most terrifying true story ever to emerge from the United States. Walter Broward has uncovered a huge cryptocracy, dedicated to controlling and manipulating human minds.

Browart’s devastating account includes top-secret documents cold-bloodedly outlining the cryptocracy’s programme, and startling new evidence to link Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earle Ray and Sirhan Sirhan with Operation Mind Control.

______________end of google bait text from book cover_________________________

Read it, discuss what you realize while reading it in comments here, or in the thread in my Deprogramming Group on Facebook.  I am up to page 370 of 800 pages and will be posting my own insights.

Archived at the largest archive of scientology materials on the net, started in 1993.’s Wayback Machine – where I found this  after a gentleman on facebook kindly replied with the link.





Aquino interview on Oprah:



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