Aluminum and Mercury in Vaccines: A Perfect Storm

World Mercury Project note: When it comes to aluminum and mercury, one plus one does not equal two. The toxicity of mercury alone, and the toxicity of aluminum alone—both of which are concerning enough—are each far below the toxicity that results from exposure to both. Tests of the two metals in combination show that the toxicity levels skyrocket. How long have regulators known this fact?

Aluminum and mercury are two of the most prevalent heavy metals to which humans are exposed, whether via food and food additives, drinking water, occupational and environmental exposures or from medical-dental products such as vaccines and amalgam fillings. These exposures are a particular concern during critical neurodevelopmental stages, especially because both metals are neurotoxic “at doses well below the current reference levels considered to be safe.”

A variety of recent studies have focused on aluminum overload prenatally and perinatally. Nowhere is the overexposure to aluminum more apparent than in childhood vaccines. A two-month-old infant may receive up 1,225 micrograms of aluminum from the adjuvants in vaccines at a single well-baby appointment and a cumulative 4,925 micrograms by 18 months of age—astronomical levels that have never been assessed for safety. A 2018 analysis concluded that the reasoning that has allowed such high levels of aluminum to remain in childhood vaccines is deeply flawed and “place[s] infants at risk of acute, repeated, and possibly chronic exposures of toxic levels of aluminum.”

Given that neurotoxicity is already a major concern for aluminum and mercury when considered on their own, what happens when a developing fetus or infant incurs exposure to both together? Toxicologists have known for a long time that “co-exposure to multiple metals can result in increased neurotoxicity compared to single-metal exposure, in particular during early life.” Retired University of Kentucky chemistry professor Boyd Haley, a mercury expert, noted years ago that toxicity from exposure to multiple metals is not additive but synergistic and that “no one can state what is a ‘safe’ level of…exposure without knowing the concentration of all other factors that may synergistically exacerbate…toxicity.”

Government regulators are well aware of these facts. For decades, the agencies in charge of protecting human health have used “lethal dose” (LD) estimates from studies in mice or rats to characterize the toxicity of a given substance or combination of substances. An LD of “1” (LD1) refers to the dose that would cause death in 1% of subjects (one in 100). A study conducted 40 years ago dramatically illustrated synergistic toxicity, showing that an LD1 dose of mercury administered together with a fraction (0.05%) of the LD1 dose of lead killed not 2% but 100% of the animals.

A new experimental study in human brain cells establishes that co-exposure to mercury and aluminum indeed results in a significant synergism that is far worse than exposure to either substance on its own. The study, carried out by an international trio of researchers from the U.S., Canada and Russia, takes as its starting premise the fact that both mercury and aluminum are capable of provoking a pro-inflammatory response that is damaging to brain cell structure and function. Inflammation and immune system alterations are some of the earliest signs that a neurodegenerative process has been set into motion….

Referring to dual exposure to the two metals as a “perfect storm,” the authors specifically note the ongoing presence of the ethylmercury-based preservative thimerosal in some vaccines and the aluminum adjuvants in other vaccines, which “expose individuals to both aluminum- and mercury-based neurotoxins simultaneously.” This observation deserves emphasis but is not entirely new….

She Almost Became President

With the enthusiastic endorsement of virtually the entire MSM, which actually used fake polling to manipulate the sheep into voting for her as a military-grade psychological operation pulled strings in the background and her apparently cannibalistic, pedophilic and satanic campaign manager arranged for the republican nomination of her successful opponent.   Who could make this stuff up?   Oliver Stone DEFINITELY needs to make a movie.


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The United States Is The Largest Prison Camp In The World

The United States has the highest incarceration rates in the world. The US not only has a far higher percentage of its population in prison than allegedly “authoritarian” governments, but also has a larger total number of citizens imprisoned than China, a country with four times the US population. The US is by far the largest prison camp in the world.

The conditions, such as solitary confinement, in which many US prisoners are kept are strictly illegal under international law, but that means nothing to “freedom and democracy America.” Solitary confinement, especially confinement inside tiny cells, is like being buried alive. Yet, “freedom and democracy America” is subjecting more than 100,000 citizens to this horror as I write. We hear so much about “America’s moral conscience,” but where is this conscience?

Other prisoners are used as a cheap work force for US military and consumer industries. Prison labor and the privatization of prisons have created an enormous demand for prisoners. American citizens are shoveled into the profit-making prison system regardless of innocence or guilt.

There is no doubt that a large percentage of US prisoners are innocent or imprisoned for victimless crimes, such as drug use. According to official US government statistics, 97 percent of all felonies are settled with plea bargains. Consequently, the police evidence and prosecutor’s case is never tested in court. Not even the innocent want a trial, because the jurors are brainwashed and biased against everyone charged, and the punishments that result from trial conviction are much harsher than those given to a compliant defendant who agrees to a plea bargain. Despite the US Constitution’s prohibition of self-incrimination, the US prison population consists of people coerced into self-incrimination. There is no justice whatsoever in the US criminal justice (sic) system.

“Law and order conservatives” have fantasy ideas about US prisoners lounging around watching TV all day, playing sports in the open air, and studying in prison libraries for law degrees—a life of leisure at public expense. Soren Korsgaard, editor of a crime journal, tells us what life inside an American prison is really like….

Is it hyperbole to call the entire country a prison camp?  Maybe not.  Militarized national borders can work both ways:

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Mike Adams Fears Staged Bankster Violence on Aug 4th

(Natural News) Today I’ve posted an urgent warning video, which you can see in full, below. This video — which would have been banned by YouTube and Facebook — is available exclusively on

It explains that Aug. 4 is shaping up to be a “perfect storm” false flag event, where deaths are staged in order to blame conservative Americans and sway public opinion for the upcoming mid-term elections. While we hope no such events ever take place, this weekend is a prime target for anti-America forces to stage precisely such a crisis.

What’s the motivation behind it? If Democrats gain a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, they promise to impeach President Trump — an act that would likely set off a nationwide civil war. By staging events that allow them to blame Trump supporters for violence or deaths, they hope to sway public opinion against conservatives and “steal” the mid-term elections.

With the elections such three months away, time is growing short for staged event operators to make their move. Sheer desperation is now driving the Democrats, who now believe that achieving election victory “by any means necessary” is fully justified. That’s why they’re willing to try anything….

Fake Food A Staple of the American Diet

Why isn’t the AMA speaking out about this?   Oh that’s right, they don’t each anything about nutrition in medical school.   Would you take a brand new BMW to a garage that didn’t know the difference between oil and gasoline?   Or sugar for that matter.

(Natural News) Processing American food began after World War II, when we started canning produce and adding preservatives and additives. In 1950, scientists figured out that adding antibiotics to animal feed increased the livestock’s growth rate. Then, in the early 1980s, the U.S. began extensively using hormones for livestock, and genetically engineering crops to contain bug-killer and weed-killer DNA. Artificial sweeteners became popular that decade also, when super-models featured the tall-skinny-no-figure look. Next, add in some industrial-based artificial food coloring, high fructose corn syrup, chemically-conditioned gluten, and glyphosate-ridden wheat, and what have you got? A country full of sickly humans dying young from heart disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Americans don’t eat real food much anymore, they just eat junk-science, processed food-like products chock full of concentrated salts, synthetic sweeteners, artificial hormones, chemical conditioners, and “preservatives” that add shelf life to the products, all while shortening human life….

Which Satanic Corporation is in your Food?

Alex Jones’s Attorneys Argue That No Reasonable Person Would Believe What He Says


In April, the ever-ascending media empire that is Alex Jones’s Infowars was served with its most serious threat. Several lawsuits—including one by the parents of a child killed during the Sandy Hook school massacre in Connecticut, and one by a man inaccurately identified by Infowars as the suspect in the Parkland shooting earlier this year—were filed in Travis County, each alleging defamation by Jones and his company. The possibility that this could derail Jones’s enterprise was real: defamation cases against media companies are hard for plaintiffs to win, but Infowars is no ordinary media company, and the charges reflected practices far outside of traditional journalism…

Now, he’s once more facing a legal challenge—and his attorneys are once more tasked with arguing that Jones doesn’t really mean what he says on his broadcasts, while also doing their best to maintain his credibility….

This is a questionable legal strategy, it seems to me.   He’s being shepherded into censorship.   No one has time to listen to everything he says, but if he has broadcast actual fake news (as opposed to political opinions I happen to disagree with) I haven’t heard it and I doubt very much that he’s being hired to do it, unlike most of the MSM.   And his extensively documented exposure of official lies like 9/11, the OKC bombing and the ongoing electronic rigging of US elections makes him a hero in my book.   Search this site if you doubt the factual basis of the last sentence.   You could start here, for instance:

Of course the alternative strategy would be to attempt to convince multiple courts of the wholesale deception going on, which would be very difficult given the wealth and power of those who profit from it.