Wildfires and Agenda 2030

via govtslaves.info:

The fact that the US military is not acting to alleviate droughts despite having the means to do so is very telling.   Given the prevalence of contrail spraying it seems they’re doing the opposite.

I don’t now about the smart meter angle.  They have been known to start fires but in terms of deliberate arson it seems too iffy unless it could somehow enlist the entire wiring of a house in setting off a blaze.   Swapping a hot wire with the neutral while isolating the ground could put 220V on a 110V circuit without blowing up the utility transformer but the amperage would still be throttled by the house circuit breakers unless they get literally fused in the process.    But an airborne or orbiting IR laser would be a dandy tool for such an enterprise, and I suppose a tar shingle roof would be easier to ignite than surrounding vegetation.

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