Newsbud: Friendly Fire: Cold War 2.0 Claims First American Casualties

Donald Trump’s trade war with China kicks off and the Pentagon’s dream of refighting and rewinning the Cold War, this time with the People’s Republic of China instead of the USSR, is one step closer to reality. But be careful what you dream for. This might be the war we don’t win.

The collateral damage in Cold War 2.0: American consumers and businesses. They are expected to suck up a few tens of billions of dollars in increased costs so that the United States can take another step in “deChinafying’ the American economy.

Scorched earth economics: what’s in it for you? Other than higher prices, I mean.

Also, have you ever wondered “If China’s so great, why doesn’t it fix Haiti?” Well, guess what. China has does have a plan to fix Haiti…The deal is real and so is US opposition. When US China hawking and PRC economic diplomacy collide, no surprise that the little guy in the middle is the one who gets hurt.

And how Barack Obama destroyed the world. Yes, it’s true.

Barack Obama pursued his liberal dreams while Hillary Clinton chased her China-bashing ambitions…while the world burned….

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