Mind Control, Vacaville Prison, Patty Hearst, the End of the 60’s Rebellion and the Rise of Police Militarization

REVOLUTION’S END: The Patty Hearst Kidnapping, Mind Control And The Secret History OF DONALD DEFREEZE AND THE SLA fully explains the most famous kidnapping in US history involving Patty Hearst. And the relationship with Donald DeFreeze, known as Cinque, head of the Symbionese Liberation Army. Not only did the heiress have a sexual relationship with DeFreeze while he was imprisoned, she didn’t know he was an informant and a victim of prison behavior modification. Neither she nor the white radicals who followed DeFreeze realized that he was molded by a CIA officer and allowed to escape, thanks to collusion with the California Department of Corrections. DeFreeze’s secret mission: infiltrate and discredit Bay Area anti-war radicals and the Black Panther Party, the nexus of 70s activism.

New Research Reveals Manson Family Connections to CIA, Mind Control and Child Trafficking

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