Invisible Government Using Microwave Weapons Against American Embassies

There’s an important clue as to who is behind the “sonic attacks” which are happening with increasing frequency against US embassy staff, which is that the US mass media still refuses to point out the glaringly obvious: these are microwave “voice to skull” weapons developed and patented in the USA 3 decades ago.   They are certainly available to any government in the world, however there’s only one “government” which has control of the US mass media.   There’s your clue.   They’ve been careless.   But why zap “their own” embassies?

According to this new story over at WND as also detailed in the first video below, the bizarre sonic attacks upon American diplomats around the world continue and according to WND sources, have now affected nearly 200 people. And while the attacks began upon employees of the US Embassy in Cuba, the attacks are now spreading to embassies in other countries all around the world as well.

Warning in their story that there is a growing fear that more such attacks will occur with President Trump’s upcoming summit with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland next Monday, as Mac Slavo reported in this 2017 story, damning evidence indicates a ‘sci-fi’ weapon has been used against Americans.

And while we’re still getting no real answers from the government, this May 31st story over at Newsweek reports that these ‘attacks’ might really just be the side effects of surveillance….

The microwave power and (zero) modulation needed to accoustically surveil a target is inconsistent with generating a perceptible skull resonance with brain damage.   And zapping sleeping people in the middle of the night would seem unproductive in terms of surveillance.   Not to mention that surveillance is supposed to be a covert act in the first place.

Note that these attacks started just after trump’s election.   Are they trying to choke off diplomatic ties that trump might otherwise use to advantage?

Such actions would also be consistent with the domestic imposition of the shock doctrine.   Without diverse diplomatic relations, the impending implosion of the US economy will render whatever is left of democratic government in washington completely isolated and at the mercy of the financial tyrants.

Microwave weapons used against US embassy personnel in Cuba

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