Government thugs medically kidnap child from new mom

(Natural News) Another state-sanctioned kidnapping of a child has taken place in the “land of the free.” A Maryland couple recently had their newborn daughter forcibly stolen from them by Child Protective Services (CPS) after a pair of rogue pediatricians decided to report them to the state for alleged neglect – though no neglect was taking place.

It all began when first time parents Jennifer Guskin and Scott McFalls home-birthed their precious daughter Iris, who was born slightly underweight. As any good parents would do, the couple sought out answers from multiple pediatricians, none of whom were competent enough to notice that the young girl had a tongue and lip tie….

None of the “experts” had a clue.  The parents found out what was going on via a parenting group on facebook!   Meanwhile numerous doctors kept telling them to switch to “formula.”

Find a midwife, birth at home and don’t tell “the man” about your new baby.   Ideally you’ll want to move your family to safety in another country.   That’s how bad things are getting.

But it’s even worse.   She’s a survivor of the satanic pedophilia blackmail ring.

Washington’s Dirty Little Secret: The Pedophilia Blackmail Ring