Free Thought Project Being Extinguished

The Free Thought Project is going offline. We are doing so for 72 hours to demonstrate the inevitable effect of social media censorship, Google organic traffic throttling, and Facebook’s attack on freedom-minded independent media.

The Free Thought Project is being slowly snubbed out by the establishment-friendly social media giants as well as corporate players who refuse to advertise on sites who challenge the status quo.

Recently, the “arbiters of truth” at Snopes, the AP, and Politifact have joined in and ganged up on the Free Thought Project and determined that our entirely factual articles are “false.” As a result, our website’s organic traffic is currently being throttled from all sides. This throttling coupled with Google disabling ads on “controversial” content is the perfect storm which is primed to take us out.

We have confirmed through internal sources that Facebook has throttled our pages and we have zero recourse. This comes on the heels of a massive Facebook purge in which the social media giant unapologetically axed thousands of pages with no reason given. Independent media outlets who’ve spent years researching and building a following, quite literally watched their hard work get wiped from the face of the web.

As if going after pages wasn’t enough, Facebook is going after individual page owners as well. Last month, the co-founder of TFTP was banned from Facebook for posting a photo of ET — seriously. In the meantime, however, posts calling for killing Muslims, hating different races, and stoking divide are not only allowed, but they are promoted in the algorithm….

This is the Future of Independent Media if We Do Nothing

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