Defying Congress, Jeff Sessions Keeps Blocking Medical Marijuana Research


It’s been almost two years since the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) began accepting applications for new growers of research cannabis, and two dozen applicants are still in regulatory limbo.

Since the DEA announced in August 2016 that it would end the federal monopoly on producing cannabis for scientific research in the United States, growers, investors, researchers, applicants, and even members of Congress have sought to understand why a relatively simple licensing review process has stretched on for nearly two years. The answer is pretty straightforward: Attorney General Jeff Sessions, for reasons he has not publicly disclosed, decided to intervene in a process that has historically not involved the attorney general in order to stop the DEA from issuing licenses to growers….

“For reasons not publically disclosed” … he doesn’t have to disclose what is obvious.   He would rather that strangers suffer and die under standard medical “care” than give up his kickback and bribery income.   This is not rocket science.

Normal people  tend to be willing to pretend that such decisions are made based on humane motivations.   But this is irrational and illustrates a very common misconception of the nature of emergent intent in complex systems.  This guy has been embedded in washington for so long he identifies with the system itself, which is only natural.   His microenvironment, which is totally alien to the microenvironments most people live in, rewards behaviors which are conducive to the maintenance of the system, not to the maintenance of human health.   For him to achieve his level of success while maintaining his connection to the rest of humanity would be almost unheard of.   Governments are not people any more than corporations are people or secret societies are people.

What “free marketeers” don’t get is that oppressive monopolies are an inevitable outgrowth of free markets just as oppressive dictatorships are inevitable consequences of collectivism.    The emergent system has its own agenda and “self” preservation is its top priority.   This is the fundamental paradox of all mass human activity.   By voluntarily acting to increase our freedom as individuals enmasse  without seeing the big picture, we create the systems which tend to enslave us.

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