Bioweapon Attacks on the Food Supply?


Back in 2001, the U.K. was catastrophically hit by an outbreak of Foot-and-Mouth disease. There were, however, those in the field of conspiracy-theorizing who suspected that the outbreak may have had sinister origins – namely, an orchestrated plot by terrorists to try and bring the British meat industry to a crashing fall. While I didn’t buy the theory, I certainly looked into it – which included using the U.S. Freedom of Information and the U.K. Government’s “Thirty Year Ruling.” I have to say, I was surprised at what I found. Namely, certain, once-classified papers (running to 50 pages) which demonstrated that – decades ago – there had been deep concerns on the part of government agencies that Foot-and-Mouth just might be used as a weapon, albeit a very strange weapon.

Prepared by President Harry Truman’s Committee on Biological Warfare at the request of Washington’s prestigious Research and Development Board, the fifty-page file in question dates from March 1947 through to the latter part of 1948 and makes for disturbing reading. Indeed, throughout this entire period, biological warfare was seen as a major threat to the United States. Moreover, the fear that a hostile nation might attempt to ravage the American food-supply by deliberately infecting its cattle herd with Foot-and-Mouth disease was running high in official circles….

Apparently they’re not so concerned now, since they’ve moved the federal animal bioweapons research lab to the middle of cattle country in kansas:

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