Bankstercrats Weaponizing Followers in Push for Imposed Economic Catastrophe

You don’t have to be a trumpster to see the economic cliff that the establishment has been pushing us toward for 30 years.   Trump’s election was a last-moment reprieve from the electric chair.   Chaos at the top is far preferable to the well-oiled genocide machine which the “national security” apparatus has become.   If and when the MSM is forced to hint at the satatanic pedophile factor you’d better grab at every thread and hold on tight until the whole thing unravels.   This will probably be our last chance at a public awakening and a national change of course.

According to USA Today, civil war has arrived in America. Trump’s illegal immigrant separation policy resulted in demonstrations across the country. His press secretary and Homeland Security boss were harassed. California Democrat Maxine Waters has urged supporters to stalk and harass Trump staffers. It’s possible some deranged person or persons will interpret the call for resistance and civil disobedience as an excuse to seriously injure or kill Trump’s staffers and supporters. As the riots in the 1960s and more recently in St. Louis and Baltimore show, violence, arson, and destruction of property on a large scale is possible. In 1987, we caught of glimpse of what’s going on behind the curtain of official secrecy. During joint congressional hearings into the Iran-Contra affair, Texas Democrat Jack Brooks asked Lt. Col. Oliver North, Reagan’s point-man on the National Security Council, about a plan to suspend the Constitution, round up dissidents, and impose martial law. The corporate media wistfully announces there is a civil war brewing in America but says nothing about what will happen after cities are torched or politicians attacked and possibly killed. They are oblivious to the possibility of a military takeover and a suspension of the very Constitution and Bill of Rights they depend on to guarantee the right to a free press….

This MSM is not oblivious.  They think it’s a done deal, there’s nothing they can do about it and their personal survival is dependent on their continued cooperation.

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