Are C-Sections Altering Human Evolution?

Oh my god.  Another old doctors’ tale is enshrined in our techno-religion.     The institutionalized medical compulsion to control and exploit first gave rise to the idea of mother and baby as passive objects to be manipulated by doctors at birth, which led to birthing on the back with legs in stirrups,  then to episiotomy and symphysiotomy , epidurals, induction (deliberate miscarriage) and wholesale caesarean sections, all rationalized by the supposed “narrow pelvis” anti-evolutionary theory, and all resulting in pathological birth imprints which feed directly into violence, drug addiction, family disintegration and the psychiatric-industrial complex.

And now the claim is that caesareans are altering human evolution by fostering narrower pelvises.   And so the loop is complete.

Here’s the basic fact that you can take to the bank: the vast majority of doctors don’t know much of anything about birth.   They don’t know how to allow it to happen, or how to facilitate it in the very few instances where help is needed.   They still don’t wash their hands.   They still clamp the cord before placental delivery without a thought.  They don’t even teach breech birth in medical schools any more.    They harass and degrade the mother, objectify, traumatize and brain damage the child and marginalize the father.  The entire process is denial mixed with profit, compulsion and trauma repetition.

If you want to learn something about human birth, go to youtube and watch monkeys give birth.   You’ll know more than most doctors.


Cesarean sections have been on the rise in recent years, and sometimes, even prior to knowing whether or not one will even be necessary, many doctors are even scheduling this method of birth.

For women who have already had a c-section, most doctors tend to just do another one for any future births. I mean, it’s a lot easier when everyone is ready and prepared and can know in advance, right? Well, this is the common narrative that is given, but are we doing more harm than good by interfering with the natural process and order of birth?

This birthing method used to be performed for emergency situations only, in which case it has saved the lives of many mothers and babies. However, a new piece of research is suggesting that this procedure may be altering human evolution.

In this particular study, researchers state that the estimated number of cases in which babies cannot be born naturally have increased from 30 in 1,000 births in the 1960s to 36 in 1,000 in the present day, which may not seem like a lot, but it is a 20 percent rise in obstructed childbirth’s. This is what led researchers to the assumption that this method of birthing could be altering the natural evolution of humans.

When it comes to babies who are about to be born, generally speaking, the larger the better because the longer time spent in the woman’s womb before being born, the better chance they have at survival. However, this standpoint counteracts another that selects women that have a narrow pelvis, which assists women to walk upright which reduces the chance of a premature birth.

The researchers point out that with the increase of c-sections, the natural balance of those two forces is changing. Before the days of caesarians, if a baby’s head was too big or a woman’s pelvis too narrow the babies head would get stuck in the pelvis, this would sometimes kill the child and potentially the mother as well, which in turn prevented those genes from being passed on. Now, because of this method of birth, those genes are being passed on, which could mean more demand for c-sections in the future….

Of course it’s axiomatic that the 20% increase in CS births can’t possibly be due to the increasingly dysfunctional but self-validating and self-adulating echo chamber of medical culture.

Birth at home.

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