Anatomy of a Displacement-Projection Syndrome

… If I may be frank, the US Intel community looks like a much bigger threat to American life and values than anything Mr. Putin is doing, for instance his alleged “meddling” in US elections. This word, meddling, absolutely pervades the captive Resistance news outlets these days. It has a thrilling vagueness about it, intimating all kinds of dark deeds without specifying anything, as consorting with Satan once did in our history. The reason: the only specific acts associated with this meddling include the disclosure of incriminating emails among the Democratic National Committee leadership, and a tiny gang of Facebook trolls making sport of profoundly idiotic and dysfunctional American electoral politics….

Even Kunstler doesn’t get it: the russians had nothing to do with the email leak to wikileaks.   This is a magician’s trick, turning a disclosure of corruption in high places into a reason to go to war with russia.   This is an example of the big lie principle.

Every day the MSM gives us more reasons to abolish media monopolies in all their forms.   No self-governing country can survive information corruption for long.

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