Caravan Of Evil Reveals More Evidence Of Western/Israeli Intelligence Assets In al-Qaeda, White Helmet Groups

As more and more information comes out regarding the Caravan of Evil (i.e. the evacuation of the White Helmets from Southwestern Syria to Jordan and Israel and then on to Europe), there is also more and more evidence backing up the suspicions by many writers in the alternative media including myself regarding the nature of the specific White Helmets being evacuated. Namely, the idea that these individuals were more than just more al-Nusra Front propagandists, but valued intelligence assets.

Although refusing to open its borders, Israel (apparently the only country in the world that is allowed to maintain borders) has allowed members of the al-Nusra Front propaganda wing known as the White Helmets to access Israeli territory on their way to resettlement in Britain, Canada, and Germany according to Jordanian officials. Jordan was also part of the Caravan of Evil….

But what is just as telling as which White Helmets members were evacuated are the members of the group who were left behind. Buried in an article by Khalil Ashawi for Reuters entitled “As Some ‘White Helmets’ Escaped Syria, most were left behind,”…

Fearing for his life, Daman Ayed registered to be evacuated from Syria along with hundreds of other members of the White Helmets rescue service, hoping for a new life in Canada.

But the 20-year-old was not among the several hundred people who were spirited out of the country last weekend over the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights and into Jordan. When the list of names approved for evacuation arrived, his was not on it.

“They told us at midnight that the names had come. We were surprised how many names had not been approved,” said Ayed. Only two of the people working at his rescue center were on the list.

Instead, he joined thousands of other people boarding buses for opposition territory in northwest Syria under the terms of the rebels’ surrender to the government….

“Regarding our departure for Canada, I consider it the only solution to save our lives,” he said….

Adding to his fear of capture by Assad’s forces, Ayed said when the army advanced into his district of the southwest this month, it seized paperwork at the White Helmets base.

“The most important thing is the names and identities of the volunteers, and our special identification cards. This is what damages us the most. The papers and the names were not destroyed, but stayed as they were and are in the hands of the regime,” he said….

In addition to once again inadvertently drawing attention to the fact that White Helmets only operate in territory controlled by terrorist “rebels,” the Reuters article also reveals that only specific White Helmets were approved for evacuation, proving that some members of the organization are more important to Israel and the West than the mere foot soldiers now being left to their inevitable fates in Idlib.

In my article, “Exceptional Refugees – Israel Helps Evacuate White Helmets From Syria, Exports al-Qaeda To Europe,” I asked the question “Is the West really evacuating its own intelligence agents and intelligence assets?”…

Democracy Now Demonstrates What It Means to Be a “Good German”

As the Federal Cult Abandons its Cannon Fodder, Local Pot Growers Step In

It is no secret that the VA has a history of failing to provide proper medical care for the veterans in its care. In fact, in 2015, a leaked document showed that more than 238,000 veterans died waiting for treatment, according to the Department of Veteran Affairs’ backlog.

When veterans do receive treatment, it comes in the form prescription drugs, many of which are opioid painkillers and antidepressants that are highly addictive, have alarming and dangerous side effects, and have been shown to worsen the symptoms they are supposed to treat.

All the while, the VA continues to deny access to the natural medicine that has saved countless veterans from ending their lives—cannabis.

Instead of waiting around for the federal government to reclassify cannabis, the Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance took matters into their own hands and they started a program to help veterans in need by giving them free access to cannabis….

They’re disrupting the flow.   You’re supposed to get cut or pumped out of your mother, ecstatically lobotomized, gamed, lectured, drugged and traumatized into unthinking obedience and then handed to the machine to serve it until you’re discarded like used ammunition, possibly seeding the next crop in the process.   After that you’d better either grow the medicopharmaceutical industry or hurry up and get dead.   Of course you’ll be handed an abundance of fake rationales, fake history, fake money and fake spirituality to keep you entrained in the process, and when you go to your reward you’ll be riding on a cloud of sweet nothings, or at least sweet numbings, as the overlords prepare your replacement.

Sounds like a conspiracy theory.   But it’s not a conspiracy and it’s not a theory.   It’s self-perpetuating intergenerational child abuse operating in an institutional echo chamber.   But a few of the children have stood up, looked around and seen the abundance that creation has provided and the opportunity to step out of the machine and enjoy their own life, not the life that the machine has rationed out to them.   And they’re beckoning to the rest of us.  The adjacent possible is being explored, new meanings are being created and Satan is pissed.   But Godel will win in the end.