Cordless Phones Emit High EMF Even When They’re Not in Use

DECT type cordless phones (i.e. virtually all of them) emit full RF power even when they’re sitting in their cradle and not in use.


(Natural News) The idea of taking in a killer is unthinkable. But that’s what most of us are doing every time we plug in our cordless phones. In a video, Neil from EMF Safety Zone demonstrated first-hand the danger that people are exposed to when cordless phones are present in the house.

In the video, a high frequency (HF) analyzer and the radio frequency (RF) meter were used to determine the amount of electromagnetic field (EMF) present before and after a cordless phone was plugged in and turned on. When the phone was turned on, the reading from the HF analyzer recorded average exposure values of more than 2,000 microwatts per square meter (µW/m2), which indicates elevated non-thermal radiation levels. In terms of signal strength, the RF meter noted a peak value of six volts per meter (V/m). In a report by the BioInitiative Working Group, the safety limit for power density, or the amount of energy in a given space, should not exceed 0.04 V/m….

Prepare for the Network Outage: Free PDF Books Online

With public opinion rapidly veering out of the control of the invisible government, now is the time to prepare for the inevitable info-outage.   There is an absolute TON of censored history and other books online, free for the download, that will be “burned” and lost forever if the satanists get their way.   I’m sure the stuff I’ve posted here is only a tiny fraction, but it’s a start.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.   Some of the links might be expired but the books are probably still available elsewhere if you duckduckgo them.

If you know of something that’s not listed here, please let me know via the contact form on this site.


Played like a fiddle: “The Nation” Shepherds its Peacenik Flock Into War

Common Ground: For Secure Elections and True National Security

An open letter by Gloria Steinem, Noam Chomsky, John Dean, Governor Bill Richardson, Walter Mosley, Michael Moore, Valerie Plame, and others.

Many Americans remain deeply concerned about reports of Russian interference with the 2016 election. Meanwhile, relations between the United States and Russia are at their lowest and most dangerous point in several decades. For the sake of democracy at home and true national security, we must reach common ground to safeguard common interests—taking steps to protect the nation’s elections and to prevent war between the world’s two nuclear superpowers….

There are too many false and misleading assumptions here, too much starry eyed belief in CNN and false flags and false narratives designed to  lead to war to cope with in a single sitting.   Co-signers Steinem (CIA social engineer) and Chomsky (9/11 pied piper)  have too much blood on their hands for my comfort.  This is a sorry excuse for a peace movement.   The empire couldn’t do without them.

Note: the russians didn’t hack the US elections.   The only govt institution caught hacking into election computers that I know of was obama’s DHS.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.  — James Madison

Georgia secretary of state says cyberattacks traced to DHS addresses

Since US Voting is a Farce, Russian “Meddling” is a Joke

The Manufacture of Mythology: Crimea and the Neocon-Sponsored Coup in Ukraine

Global Elite Agitating for War Against Russia

NATO Closing In on Russia: What the Genocidal Western MSM is Censoring

This is CNN, and CBS and NBC and ABC and MSNBC and NYT and the Brainwashington Compost and the entire US MSM

Democracy Now Demonstrates What It Means to Be a “Good German”

New York City to Require Flu Shots for Preschoolers


Story at-a-glance

  • June 28, 2018, the New York Court of Appeals unanimously ruled the New York city health department has the right to require annual flu vaccinations for children attending child care and preschool
  • June 26, 2018, the California state Senate Committee on Human Services passed AB 1992 on June 26 — a controversial bill that eliminates the personal belief vaccine exemption for families on welfare
  • Recent research found infectious influenza viruses in the exhaled breath of people who had gotten seasonal flu shots and contracted influenza. Those vaccinated two seasons in a row shed a greater viral load of influenza A virus
  • According to the researchers, study results suggest there may be an association between flu vaccinations and the promotion of lung inflammation and increased shedding of influenza A viruses via breathing
  • Studies also show annual vaccination leads to reduced protection against influenza; each vaccination is likely to make you progressively more prone to getting sick from influenza

Wildfires and Agenda 2030


The fact that the US military is not acting to alleviate droughts despite having the means to do so is very telling.   Given the prevalence of contrail spraying it seems they’re doing the opposite.

I don’t now about the smart meter angle.  They have been known to start fires but in terms of deliberate arson it seems too iffy unless it could somehow enlist the entire wiring of a house in setting off a blaze.   Swapping a hot wire with the neutral while isolating the ground could put 220V on a 110V circuit without blowing up the utility transformer but the amperage would still be throttled by the house circuit breakers unless they get literally fused in the process.    But an airborne or orbiting IR laser would be a dandy tool for such an enterprise, and I suppose a tar shingle roof would be easier to ignite than surrounding vegetation.

Invisible Government Using Microwave Weapons Against American Embassies

There’s an important clue as to who is behind the “sonic attacks” which are happening with increasing frequency against US embassy staff, which is that the US mass media still refuses to point out the glaringly obvious: these are microwave “voice to skull” weapons developed and patented in the USA 3 decades ago.   They are certainly available to any government in the world, however there’s only one “government” which has control of the US mass media.   There’s your clue.   They’ve been careless.   But why zap “their own” embassies?

According to this new story over at WND as also detailed in the first video below, the bizarre sonic attacks upon American diplomats around the world continue and according to WND sources, have now affected nearly 200 people. And while the attacks began upon employees of the US Embassy in Cuba, the attacks are now spreading to embassies in other countries all around the world as well.

Warning in their story that there is a growing fear that more such attacks will occur with President Trump’s upcoming summit with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland next Monday, as Mac Slavo reported in this 2017 story, damning evidence indicates a ‘sci-fi’ weapon has been used against Americans.

And while we’re still getting no real answers from the government, this May 31st story over at Newsweek reports that these ‘attacks’ might really just be the side effects of surveillance….

The microwave power and (zero) modulation needed to accoustically surveil a target is inconsistent with generating a perceptible skull resonance with brain damage.   And zapping sleeping people in the middle of the night would seem unproductive in terms of surveillance.   Not to mention that surveillance is supposed to be a covert act in the first place.

Note that these attacks started just after trump’s election.   Are they trying to choke off diplomatic ties that trump might otherwise use to advantage?

Such actions would also be consistent with the domestic imposition of the shock doctrine.   Without diverse diplomatic relations, the impending implosion of the US economy will render whatever is left of democratic government in washington completely isolated and at the mercy of the financial tyrants.

Microwave weapons used against US embassy personnel in Cuba

Real ID Act: Your Papers Please


Biometrics and security in Iraq (2007)

The U.S. military and Iraqi government have logged thousands of fingerprints and iris scans, but the systems are a long way from being fully up-to-date.

As state-level officials and other critics push back hard against the federal Real ID mandate here at home, the U.S. government is reporting success abroad with a biometric ID system it has installed in Iraq.

The automated biometric identity system being used by the Iraqi government now holds more than 350,000 sets of fingerprints, photos and retina scans, and “we increase the database by 4,000 or 5,000 each week,” Army Lt. Col. John W. Velliquette Jr. said in a teleconferenced briefing this week. Velliquette runs the fingerprint and retina scanning center in Baghdad’s International Zone. Iraqis are expected to assume full operation by next summer….

Iraqi Biometric Identification System

  • Iraq Biometric Database Could Become a “Hit List,” Acknowledges Defense Dept. Program OfficerThe biometrics program manager in Iraq this week expressed concern that the database containing biometrics and secret files on thousand of Iraqis could “become a hit list if it gets in the wrong hands.” According to Lt. Col Velliquette, the Iraqi system has approximately 750,000 records in its database. Earlier, EPIC, Privacy International, and Human Rights Watch wrote to the US Secretary Defense to warn that the system will lead to reprisals and further killings. For more information, see Transcript of “The Role of Biometric in Counterinsurgency,’ blogs at Harpers and Wired. (Aug. 17)
  • Human Rights Organizations Urge US Secretary of Defense to Investigate Biometric Database of Iraqis. In a letter to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, EPIC, Privacy International, and Human Rights Watch warn that a new system of biometric identification contravenes international privacy standards and could lead to further reprisals and killings. The groups cite the particular risk of identification requirements in regions of the world torn by ethnic and religious division. The groups also note a 2007 report from the Pentagon’s Defense Science Board that said military use of biometric data raise substantial privacy concerns. For a discussion of identity systems and threats to privacy, see “Privacy and Human Rights Report 2005.” See also EPIC Biometrics page and Privacy International resources. (Jul. 27) …

Can you see the chains and blinders on the soldiers above?   Exactly.   Physical restraints are no longer needed.  They were enslaved long before they were deployed in service to their invisible masters.

I’m sure such databases will be include DNA profiles for use in “public health” campaigns:

Feds Collecting DNA “Kill Switches” from US Citizens

Child Abuse as a Tool of Social Control

IRAQ: The Strategy of Disintegration