The Rise of the American Police State in Slo-Mo

For many years, I’ve forecasted that the US will evolve into a police state; that it will begin slowly; then as more and more freedoms are removed, the creation of the police state will accelerate.

We’re now seeing that acceleration, as more and more Americans are detained, questioned, and having their property confiscated than ever before.

As an example, in 2016, some 20,000 travellers in and out of the US were stopped, often at random. Typically, their baggage was searched, their documents photocopied, access codes to their electronic devices demanded and their files copied. In most cases, no explanation was given, but they were advised that if the search was refused, they would be detained indefinitely.

The following year, in 2017, the numbers of people detained rose by 50%, to 30,000.

It’s important to note that the travellers were not threatened with arrest, which suggests that the authorities were working on the basis that the Patriot Act of 2001 allows all of the above activities—without cause being given, without a warrant being obtained, without access to a phone call or legal representation being allowed, and that the individuals in question may be detained, indefinitely.

This, of course, is in direct violation of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution, which states that people have the right “to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.”

However, when people travel, they are particularly vulnerable, so the travellers in question are extremely unlikely to refuse. They understand that, “indefinitely” means, “until a Supreme Court ruling is passed, overturning the Patriot Act as unconstitutional.” If it hasn’t happened yet and isn’t under consideration, it’s safe to say that the level of police state allowed under the Patriot Act is permanent.

Police States have been implemented countless times throughout history. They tend to be most prominent where collectivism has already been instituted.

Wherever collectivism is already firmly established, new crackdowns are generally introduced suddenly. In Germany, in 1938, under existing Nazi rule, Kristallnacht took people by complete surprise. Later, in 1961, under existing Soviet rule, the Berlin Wall went up with no previous announcement. In both cases, the collectivist tyranny was already in place and the people had already successfully been subjugated. These events were merely further losses of freedom.

But what of a country that still enjoys a few of its former freedoms and is in the process of being transformed into a full-blown collectivist state? Well, in such cases, the loss of freedoms is often done in slo-mo.

Another way of describing this is the old adage of boiling a frog. Since a frog will jump out of a pot of hot water, place him in a pot of lukewarm water and slowly turn up the heat. Before he knows it, he’s being boiled to death.

Likewise, when the intention is to convert a country to collectivism, make the early changes in stages. Get the people to accept that the losses of freedom are for the benefit of their safety. Then, the further along you go, the more you can accelerate the process.

At present, a majority of Americans appear to now understand that they’ve experienced a significant loss of their “guaranteed” freedoms. They’re now worried and, at each new stage of oppression they tend to say, “I’m not happy about this, but I can probably live with it… and, besides, they say that they’re doing it for my own safety.”…

Safety from the deep state gangsters who did 9/11?   Not likely.    See the top of the reference section on this site.   This is treason and a likely prelude to mass murder.   Does anyone care?

“Beacon of Freedom” Promises “Full Implementation” of UN Gun-control Agreement

It’s certainly reassuring that we live in a civilized country which would never commit mass murder on behalf of global financial interests.  Not.

June 29 marked the end of the Third Review Conference (RevCon) of the United Nations’ Programme of Action (PoA) on Small Arms and Light Weapons. Delegates at the conference, including representatives of the United States, worked on producing updates to the global gun-control agreement.

According to the text of the latest draft of the agreement, the PoA will serve as an “international instrument to enable states to identify and trace, in a timely and reliable manner” the small arms and light weapons that are the target of the scheme.

In practice, this means that the governments of member nations (including the United States) should create a massive, all-inclusive database of all parties that manufacture, own, sell, trade, or transfer arms and ammunition.

If recent history is a reliable indicator of how such data would be used, after the catalog is complete, Congress could, hypothetically, pass a law (or the president would issue an executive order) compelling “voluntary” surrender of whatever privately-owned weapons, ammo, parts, and components (including reloading equipment) the UN deems “illicit.” If, after a statutorily set window, citizens don’t turn in these now-illicit items to their local law enforcement, then officers will be sent to remind violators of their responsibility under the law to disarm.

The delegates — including those from the United States — present at the PoA planning meeting have agreed to begin developing domestic legal frameworks that will provide for the “proper management of small arms and light weapons stockpiles.”

To assist member states in the implementation of the disarmament and stockpiling of the prohibited small weapons and light arms in the hands of anyone other than approved government entities, the PoA places the enforcement of the provisions “into the operational activities of United Nations peacekeeping missions.”

In other words, should the Congress and the president fail to begin seizing and stockpiling privately owned weapons “in a timely manner,” then the UN will deploy blue-helmeted peacekeeping troops to assist in the operation. …

Fast & Furious Shows that US Torture Elite Will Kill for Disarmament

Mind Control on the Left

Of course mind control is a bipartisan affair, but it shouldn’t be surprising that the puppeteers who own and control the media utilize different propaganda techniques against different psychological  profiles for different social engineering objectives at different times.   Back in the “good old days” when I was a teenager (we actually had to walk down to the local hangout to buy drugs, no mollycoddling for us!) the invisible empire utilized the “conservative” mindset to puppet the USA’s useful idiots into the vietnam mugging and the maintenance of the threat of nuclear war with russia, which funneled unfathomable riches of human industry into the coffers of the financial aristocracy, such as the owners of the “fed.”  Conservatives (traditionalists) readily bought into the fear-based nationalist/racist/xenophobic ideologies which empires use to indoctrinate, organize and carry out mass murder of strangers in distant lands.   Manufacture an external enemy and rally the masses to defend mom and apple pie etc.     “My country right or wrong” became a slogan of the middle-class workers who happened to be favored by the elite economic machinations of the day, as their draft-imperiled “peacenik” offspring discovered LSD and pot and rock&roll.   Those days were certainly edifying, entertaining and bizarrely horrific for my demographic, mainly just horrific for the vietnamese or black or poor americans.

But I could never have guessed the existence of the parallel universe, the satanic universe , which was riding herd and orchestrating everything from global politics ( ) to US “business cycles” ( ) to public “education” ( ) to domestic terror ( ) the manufacture, distribution and popularization of LSD in the west ( ), apparently for the purpose of mass social control and economic harvesting ( ) even though one of my best friends was forced to step into this anti-universe from time to time.   ( ) Kerth once tried to broach the subject but it was so far over my head that he might as well have been speaking martian, and if he had pursued it I probably would have had to revise my thinking on the existence of “mental illness”.   It was pointless.   I was a sheep and he was alone with the wolf.

Anyway, the point is that when the USA’s puppeteers found social cohesion and nationalism to be instrumental to their ends, the “traditionalist” mindset was enlisted to man the factories and rally the troops in service to both the visible and the invisible empires.   The USA was the “chosen” country, firmly situated in the eye of the hurricane, oblivious to the chaos around it because of the effectiveness of our satanically-directed domestic propaganda apparatus.

Today, economic globalization has obviated the need for an autonomous american empire or even an american middle class, and so the same establishment mass propaganda machine which cultivated and steered the conservative mindset in the vietnam/cold war era has retooled and focused on the “liberal” demographic to achieve the very different new objectives of the luciferian aristocracy.   And it’s very telling how the trusting, experimental, psychologically liberal mindset is being utilized by the satanic establishment.

I haven’t gone over every statement trump has ever made, but I have yet to find an expression of racism.   Apparently having a functioning immigration infrastructure is equated with racism by the death-squad-complicit american media which looked the other way while GHW Bush ransacked and tortured his way through latin america.   and his son raped and pillaged his way through iraq.  , human catastrophes which created the flood of refugees which the fake media claims to be so concerned about.

Virtually everything of importance that the MSM says is a lie. including of course the lie which set the US on its current rampage in the middle east (see reference section and search for 9/11 here).

Countries without borders don’t last any longer than people without skin.   Skin is there to protect internal dynamics from external randomness and infection/attack.    It works the same with countries.  Borderless countries used to be called wildernesses, like north america when columbus arrived, ripe for colonization.   This is what you get when you have no functioning borders:   But of course now the whole world is one big happy family.

NBC, Amazon Writer Openly Promotes White Genocide – She Hopes It “Happens Faster”

Taylor Cox is a writer for NBC, Amazon and Cartoon Network.

“the only anxiety I have about white extinction is that it’s not happening faster”

With all the pills she must be taking it’s remarkable she has any anxiety left at all.   But maybe it’s misplaced, in light of the fact that she’s calling for her own execution.

Get this: I was recently accused of not being ashamed of being a white male.  Seriously.  And by the whitest, most self-identifying elitist I know.   A devoted disciple of the doctrines of MSNBC.    You can imagine my horror.   Probably.   Anyway, the psychological self-destruct mechanism of first identifying with the establishment  and then flagellating yourself to salvation is custom tailored to the manufactured liberal mindset.

Ok, so there are highly trained drones everywhere,   The question is why this unapologetically genocidal, largely white elitist media establishment suddenly claims to be concerned about racism and child welfare and human rights after decades of covering up US sponsored wholesale atrocities against foreign brown people in one country after another.

The answer can be seen in the nature of my own transgression.   War, racism, sexism, intolerance etc are to be blamed on genes and gender, irredeemable defects of various subsets of humanity, not on the political and economic institutions which orchestrate and profit from these mass behaviors.

In other words, the types of social containers which designate and isolate the chosen targets of establishment-orchestrated violence from the rest of humanity are shifting from nationality or tribal identity or economic models or religious affiliations to smaller, more isolated and crucially, domestic coffins.   A specific large subset of the american people are the problem.

The network of social relationships in any country is where mass human behavior and expectations are encoded, articulated and preserved across the generations, and this is what must be destroyed if you want to fundamentally change a society and bring it to heel: you have to first destroy the culture.   This is the purpose of the domestic war on the family, ( ) which is part of the “depatterning” aspect of the social analogy to trauma-based mind control which is being imposed here.

In other words, now that our luciferian overlords have moved most of their operations offshore, the USA has an appointment with the electro-convulsive shock machine.

If Fascism Ever Comes To America, It Will Come In The Name Of Liberalism. — Ronald Reagan, in a moment of lucidity.

Note: IMHO “anthropogenic global warming” is a manufactured justification for an application of the shock docrine on a global scale.   Apparently Klein disagrees.

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