UK: Massive Crowd Chases Down Police at Protest Over Man Arrested While Reporting on Pedophiles

Jay Syrmopoulos–Thousands marched in a protest in support of right-wing activist Tommy Robinson in Trafalgar Square over the weekend and called for his release as they held up placards, waved the Union Jack, and chanted “We want Tommy out” as they pledged their support to the English Defence League founder.

Robinson, 35, was arrested and jailed for contempt of court on May 25 outside Leeds Crown Court after broadcasting on Facebook Live, thereby ignoring reporting restrictions on a case involving a “pedophile grooming” trial purportedly involving 29 Muslim immigrants. He was arrested, brought before a judge, and given a 13-month prison sentence within five hours.

Robinson, who is a strong proponent of a nationalist British identity, has spoken out publicly against Muslim immigration to the UK, while critics maintain he is a bigot and racist. Regardless of his views, however, he should be allowed to say them without fear of arrest. But this was not the case….

Satanists are very good at concealing their genocidal and hugely profitable social engineering projects beneath the usual platitudes about tolerance, mom and apple pie.   But globalism is a trojan horse, and the mass migration of refugees from corporate plunder to europe and the USA is a destabilization tactic designed to bring 3rd world plunder back to the taxpayers who have paid for it.   The entire world is to be a plantation for the invisible ultra-wealthy, the epsilon echelon, who BTW have been practicing pedophilia and child trafficking for generations in the west.

The Epsilon Echelon

The Muslim Weapon

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