This Is What A Network of Mutual Blackmail Looks Like

Epstein is a mossad operative who had/has extensive blackmail power over a huge swathe of the american elite via pedophilia-related videos taken at his island estate.   Trump circulated in the same elite circles, that much is clear.  Whether he indulged in forbidden fruit is another matter that I can only speculate about.  Personally I doubt it, and the actions of his DOJ wrt pedophile arrests and sealed indictments thus far make it increasingly unlikely, but I have no doubt that he has to rely on people in the establishment that did, most of which are unknown to him.  This would explain his public silence thus far on the issue of systemic child trafficking and pedophilia in washington.   He has to negotiate this minefield and maintain the formal structure of governance while pursuing whatever his agenda really is.    Needless to say, hillary’s known involvement with epstein and with protecting child trafficking in haiti (not to mention the extensive use of pedophile codewords in the podesta email dump) hardly makes her and the satanic media establishment that supports her a better gamble.   This is my reasoning for giving trump the benefit of the doubt.   You’ll have to reach your own conclusions.

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