The Stupidity of Secret Societies

I’d have to agree with Jon Rappoport that people who join such secret societies have given up on life.   They only want to survive in physically comfortable mind-prisons until their death.   Total slaves to their brainwashing.

Note the empty gesture to “science” in the masonic oath.   This is the science of the catholic church around the time of Galileo.   A belief that all that is worth knowing is known, and inquiry outside of official dogma, especially non-ego-driven inquiry into the limitless self, is unscientific.  One need only look at the invisibility of non-linear phenomena 50 years ago to see the scientific illiteracy of such an attitude.   This invisibility was initially a conscious choice based on the inability to mathematically model such phenomena before the advent of computers, but became unconscious as successive generations were educated to reflexively ignore such questions.

Reality is irrepressively creative, right down to the structure of mathematics.   Children are our most direct link to the infinite.    A culture which wrecks children’s lives is not long for this world.   Satanism is a symptom, not a cause.

The actual satanic rituals start around 6:00.

The Obvious Problem With Secret Societies

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