Iceman Tapes: Inside the Mind of a Mafia Hitman

I suppose this video was produced for its shock/entertainment value, but I’m genuinely interested in this guy and how he saw his life in a larger sense.   He seemingly found meaning and even a connection with the eternal in the barren poverty of his “work,” yet professed no  understanding of why he did it.   Here in the land of the psychopaths, this is not an idle academic exercise ( ) .   These people are everywhere, and they tend to gravitate towards positions of power, or put another way, the system tends to channel them into positions of power.   Where do they come from and why does the system select them?   Is the system really channeling them or are they in a sense channeling the system?

There’s a partitioning of empathy between the trusting clueless masses and the sociopathic “realpolitik” classes, with the presence or absence of humane motivations BOTH instrumental in the maintenance of the spontaneously self-perpetuating emergent system of social control.   The task of the elites is to channel or blunt the natural empathic and intellectual potentials of the masses in accordance with elite objectives while themselves not falling prey to “empathic distractions.”  This is the meaning of the “cremation of care” ceremony of bohemian grove fame.  ( )   But the elites are in the matrix as well.   Their agenda is a product of their indoctrination and their specific domains of ignorance, just as the peasants’ are.

If you look at it from the viewpoint of the system as a flow of self-perpetuating and “collectively autocatalytic” intergenerational behavioral re-enactments, you can see some of the same collective network behaviors operating on both the social and biological scales, as well as among the elites and peasants.

Think of it this way: the human body is a totalitarian dictatorship.   Every citizen reads from the same set of instructions and acts according to the role assigned to it by its copy of the DNA “bible,” in the context of its epigenetic learning ( ) and its micro-environment.   At a genetic level, there is no difference between a bone cell and a neuron.   They’re both taking cues from their neighbors, applying them to their own copy of the “bible” and “knowledge” of their individual history and acting accordingly.    And somehow magically from this huge collection of individual behaviors you get a coherent mutually self-reinforcing, self-referential, self-healing and self-reproducing whole.   This is what emergence is all about.   Consciousness, whatever it is, seems to be embedded in complexity itself.   Maybe a time-evolving self-deriving dynamical godelian system in search of completeness, bounded by the “adjacent possible”

At one time this guy was a child, a baby, with all the emotional and intellectual potential that babies have.   The rage and alienation and loneliness he acted out as an adult was largely shaped by the lessons he learned at that pivotal time in his life.   He was embedded in a network of relationships within which he interpreted his physical and emotional needs and individual history and acted accordingly.    My guess is that his early history was one of pleasure/emotional sensory deprivation ( ) combined with episodes of trauma, ( ) without a larger social context in which to interpret his experience, such as a loving older brother.  ( ).   A recipe for an enraged psychopath.

People reach out or stay socially isolated based on their expectations about the consequences of such actions. This guy had no expectation of reward from human interactions, except the interaction of predator and prey, conquest and annihilation.   In a slightly different context or with a slightly different history, he might well have been rewarded as a corporate CEO or a military general instead of imprisoned as a criminal.   The question of whether the system considers his mindset to be pathological is strictly determined by his utility to the maintenance and expansion of the system within its own larger context.  In that sense, his biggest personal obstacle to success is his inability to function in at least a superficially normal social context, such is the level of his own devastation.   More polished psychopaths like kissinger at least have the formalities down.   Needless to say, the latter type of psychopath is far more dangerous.   It’s interesting to speculate on the different psychological impacts of genital mutilation at birth vs one week after birth, when the mother-child relationship has already had a chance to be established.   There would still be a profound sense of betrayal, but perhaps not an internalization of it.

Molecular/genetic/biological/neurological/psychological/social/economic systems are fractal in nature, similar in structure but on vastly different scales.   Each individual and each system interprets, stores and articulates information on a mass scale (N->infinity) and with similar “intent”: that being “self” preservation in the context of its own open micro-environment.

You might call this collective behavior “spirit” if you’re so inclined.   Appeals to theology will have to suffice when logic and deduction are useless.   “Self” and “consciousness” aren’t even well defined concepts.  And maybe that’s ok.   Even the human body is utterly dependent on the “alien” ecosystem which lives in its intestines, a set of entities with their own bibles and contexts which, like bone cells and neurons, have their own agendas, know nothing whatsoever about their role in the larger system and yet play important roles in it.   Kinda like people in orwellian societies.  God has a sense of humor.

Anyway, the point is that we are all oppressed by systems that we largely inherited from our ancestors’ voluntary collective behavior, which we help to perpetuate by our own voluntary actions.   If we are to survive as a species, it would behoove us to be conscious of how those systems “self” perpetuate via the impact they have on babies, who never forget an imprint.    How to beak the cycle of abuse that gives rise to mafia hitmen?  We could start by ditching the steam-engine model of birth and respecting and protecting the neurological/hormonal/psychological support matrix that our open-bounded and unknowable human inheritance has provided babies as a birthright: hormonally energized mothers and fathers who can and are conscious enough to want to act out their own natural impulses by devoting their full attention to their kids and provide them with everything they need without worry or distraction by profit-driven medical institutions and doctors (often well-meaning but who nevertheless were put in positions of authority not by nature, but by the psychopathic system).   The highest authority in any birth must be the mother.   Only then might the full potential of nature’s template for an optimal birth imprint be realized.  ( )

It comes down to the question of whether we believe that we exist for the benefit of the system or vice versa.   From a systems perspective, it’s clear which entity is more evolved.   Compared to a human being, socioeconomic systems are brutes with the intelligence of an amoeba.   Empire builders and collectivists believe “bigger is better”, that there’s strength in numbers etc.  And the brutality displayed by such ideologues through history reflects that.   Whatever their individual merits, if they identify with the larger system they become  tools of that system.  But the larger the system is, the more limiting and taxing and beyond control it becomes to its members.  “Democratic empire” is an oxymoron.  The dynamics of such systems oppress citizens and foreigners alike.

To take the most obvious example of a system which perpetuates itself by oppressing its own participants, here’s the way I see satanism : it is an entity which is every bit as real as any self-perpetuating process/construct living on a complex substrate.   Like a mind on a neural substrate.  It is a set of nested (layers of an onion) emergent systems of self-perpetuating social, economic and psychological predation living on a substrate of intergenerational and institutionalized trauma re-enactment giving rise to a pattern of intergenerational child abuse, which feeds on “outsiders” (insiders being already digested), although like biological systems, the boundary is fuzzy and layered.   ( ) The vast majority of its participants are not conscious of their roles in the system, they are simply acting out their own natures in the context of their satanically influenced history and micro-environments.   Individuals at higher levels of the structure see larger contexts but still act out their intents based on their own histories and beliefs, which usually reflect higher levels of emotional isolation, personal trauma and mind control.   But the entire entity is based on the structured compartmentalization and channeling of custom-tailored information (or misinformation) to specific target audiences.   This information system is what is preserved through the generations.   Like the human body, it persists like a wave in the flux of the cells and molecules that pass through it.   It is the ghost in the machine.   Not surprisingly, the “neurons” of the system have theologized it and called it “satan”.   And it has heavily influenced the obstetrical industry in such a way as to create masses of new recruits, which is how it continues to feed and grow.

And then came the internet.   Bone cell, meet neuron, meet skin cell.

I’m not going to embed the video here. If you think you have the stomach for it, you can find it at  Needless to say, he is both a product of and an unconscious contributor to the perpetuation of the satanic system which destroyed his life.  And he hates himself with an unfathomable passion.

What is done to children, they will do to society.  –Karl Menninger, MD


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