Clintongate: Hillary implicated in Start of Fake Russian Collusion Probe

Of course fox is only catering to their demographic niche, but their demographic niche happens to be paying closer attention to events than their counterparts on the left.   Even the MSM is subject to constraints on their lying.

This scandal is turning into a spectacular expose of the underlying structure of power in the western world.

Trey Gowdy’s Recent Activity Highlights Deep State Action Against Devin Nunes…

Something has become increasingly weird about the DOJ and FBI intransigence at releasing the two-page “Electronic Communication” (“EC”) that was written by CIA Director John Brennan to initiate the July 2016 FBI Counterintelligence operation against the campaign of presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The weird something is: According to CIA Director John Brennan’s May 2017 testimony he personally briefed the Gang of Eight members, including Devin Nunes, “individually” in 2016, on that origination document.  As such, in 2018 Devin Nunes would only be seeking a review of a document he was already briefed on….

Now think about this.

Why would the U.S. intelligence apparatus be withholding physical documents from Devin Nunes that supposedly would contain the same information previously briefed?

It just doesn’t make sense….. unless.  Well, unless, the Brennan origination document and the briefing Brennan gave to House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes, don’t match.

Which leads to another reconciliation of behavior by the administrative state.  If it is indeed true the Brennan EC doesn’t match the briefing, there would have been a specific motive for entities within the usurping enterprise to remove Nunes from the origin of the ‘insurance policy‘ execution phase.  Which, factually, is exactly what happened.

Removing Nunes allows the placement of a control agent.  The DC process of putting a strategic political person at the center of the known risk is very familiar.  Accepting the latest developments against the known activity within the ‘Spygate’ issue, it is likely that control agent was/is Trey Gowdy for all the aforementioned reasons.

Additionally, accepting U.S. Person Carter Page was used to gain a FISA warrant to conduct surveillance upon the Trump campaign, and post-election the Trump transition team, the fact that HPSCI Chairman Devin Nunes was on the transition team beginning around November 11th, 2016, likely means Nunes was under FBI and DOJ surveillance for the duration of the FISA Title-1 surveillance warrant until it expired late October 2017….

In hindsight, and against the known facts from research, we can clearly identify two central motives surrounding why the intelligence apparatus needed the FISA warrant. First, the FBI and larger team of co-conspirators needed to have a retroactive legal basis for political surveillance that was happening long before the warrant was issued.   Second, this was all part of an insurance policy to create the illusion of a Russian Conspiracy – that would later be used -if needed- in an effort to eliminate President Trump….

Once the FBI Counterintelligence operation began, it was the FBI (Comey) and ODNI (Clapper) generating intel reports, likely included in the Presidents’ Daily Briefing (PDB), as evidenced by Page and Strzok messages saying: “POTUS wants to know what we’re doing”.

The CIA provided the false raw intel, via Stefan Halper, to start the operation, and the FBI and DOJ-NSD (National Security Division) generated the raw monitoring intelligence from the characters identified by the CIA, FBI, DOJ-NSD and approved by FBI FISA-Title 1 warrant submissions.

The FBI were running the counter-intelligence operation and generating the actual reports that were eventually shared with the White House, Susan Rice and the Dept of Justice.  That’s why all the unmasking requests. Those reports, or interpretations of the report content, were leaked to the media by political operatives in the IC (and specifically FBI) throughout the deployment of the “insurance policy”, by Lisa Page, Mike Kortan, James Baker and Peter Strzok – with the guiding hand of Andy McCabe….

The Stupidity of Secret Societies

I’d have to agree with Jon Rappoport that people who join such secret societies have given up on life.   They only want to survive in physically comfortable mind-prisons until their death.   Total slaves to their brainwashing.

Note the empty gesture to “science” in the masonic oath.   This is the science of the catholic church around the time of Galileo.   A belief that all that is worth knowing is known, and inquiry outside of official dogma, especially non-ego-driven inquiry into the limitless self, is unscientific.  One need only look at the invisibility of non-linear phenomena 50 years ago to see the scientific illiteracy of such an attitude.   This invisibility was initially a conscious choice based on the inability to mathematically model such phenomena before the advent of computers, but became unconscious as successive generations were educated to reflexively ignore such questions.

Reality is irrepressively creative, right down to the structure of mathematics.   Children are our most direct link to the infinite.    A culture which wrecks children’s lives is not long for this world.   Satanism is a symptom, not a cause.

The actual satanic rituals start around 6:00.

The Obvious Problem With Secret Societies

How drugs like Ambien are turning America into a nation of hallucinating psychos

A perfect mind control drug for an emerging satanic police state.

(Natural News) Big Pharma has gotten away with far too much, for far too long; there is no doubt about that. Whether we’re talking about the plethora of children harmed by reckless vaccination programs, their for-profit disease-manufacturing, or simply just the growing numbers of children and teens on treacherous psych meds, America has become a pawn for profit-seeking industry heads. And sadly, many Americans are too medicated to even see the forest for the trees.

Perhaps the biggest sham of all then, is the fact that such a greedy, careless industry has been able to dupe so many people into not only believing in the drugs that they sell, but to completely disregard any and all adverse effects caused by their medications. The pharmaceutical deception is so great that anyone who even dares to speak out about the ill effects caused by medications (especially psych meds) is slammed as a conspiracy theorist.

Magic pills or profits for the shills?

The truth is that over 1,500 incidents of “psychotropic drug-induced homicidal ideation” have been reported to the FDA’s MedWatch program — and if the FDA estimates only 10 percent of adverse events are actually disclosed, you can imagine that a lot more people are out there struggling than Big Pharma and their puppets would ever care to admit.

Look at Sanofi’s highly profitable Ambien: The drug has been linked to multiple instances of violence and accidental death, along with bouts of temporary amnesia.

Sanofi recently came under fire for “mocking” Roseanne Barr’s mental illness — which she treats with (you guessed it) Ambien. Even back in 2006, the company was hellbent on denying any sort of liability when it came to any sort of ill-effects people taking Ambien experienced. One user reported multiple, frightening instances of memory loss. In response, an apparently unconcerned rep simply told the New York Times that when taken “correctly,” Ambien is a “safe and effective treatment.” Sure it is — it safely and effectively made Sanofi money….

Bush Is to Avoid Using Controversial Sleeping Pill

Given its refusal to utilize normal commonsensical remedies (such as melatonin above) to human ailments, and its insistence on the perpetration and perpetuation of wholesale child abuse and brain damage, american medicine poses an existential threat to humanity.  No joke.   Can you seriously say you’re surprised?   WTF up.

Medical Psychopath School: Diary of a 3rd Year Medical Student

How Do You Get Off the US “Kill List”?

After the 9/11 attacks, the Bush administration created a secret “kill list” to step up the targeting of alleged terrorists for assassination. The criteria for inclusion on the list have apparently morphed over three presidential administrations, yet they remain elusive.

Last year, two journalists filed a federal lawsuit against Donald Trump and other high government officials, asking to be removed from the kill list until they have a meaningful opportunity to challenge their inclusion. Both men claim to have no association with al-Qaeda or the Taliban, to have no connection to the 9/11 attacks, and to pose no threat to the United States, its citizens, residents or national security.

Kareem and Zaidan Try to Get Off Kill List

Bilal Abdul Kareem, a US citizen and freelance journalist, has survived five attempts on his life from targeted air-strikes. A Turkish intelligence official told Kareem that the US government is trying to kill him.

Ahmad Muaffaq Zaidan, a citizen of Syria and Pakistan, is a senior journalist with Al Jazeera. He interviewed Osama bin Laden twice before the 9/11 attacks. Zaidan learned about his inclusion on the kill list from National Security Agency (NSA) documents leaked by Edward Snowden and published by The Intercept.

The NSA zeroed in on Zaidan as a result of a program called SKYNET. Ars Technica revealed that SKYNET — which uses an algorithm to gather metadata in order to identify and target terrorist suspects in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia — would result in 99,000 false positives.

In their complaint filed in March 2017, Zaidan and Kareem alleged they were included on the kill list as a result of algorithms used by the United States to identify terrorists.

At a May 1 hearing in the case, Judge Rosemary Collyer of the US District Court for the District of Columbia questioned the US government’s assertion of authority to unilaterally kill US citizens abroad. Collyer repeatedly challenged government lawyers to explain why national security considerations outweigh a US citizen’s inclusion on the kill list with no right to notice and an opportunity to respond.

“Are you saying a US citizen in a war zone has no constitutional rights?” Collyer asked Stephen Elliott, a Justice Department attorney. “If a US person is intentionally struck by a drone from the US, does that person have no constitutional rights to due process … no notice, anything?”

Anwar al-Aulaqi Placed on Kill List in 2010, Killed in 2011

Collyer is the same judge who, in 2014, dismissed a lawsuit filed by the families of Anwar al-Aulaqi, his son Abdulrahman al-Aulaqi and Samir Khan — all US citizens who were killed in 2011 US drone strikes. Their families were seeking to hold officials in the Obama administration personally liable for their roles in the strikes.

Nasser al-Aulaqi was the father of Anwar al-Aulaqi, who was placed on the kill list maintained by the CIA and the military’s Joint Special Operations Command in 2010. Later that year, Nasser filed a lawsuit challenging the authorization for Anwar’s killing before he was killed in a US drone strike in Yemen in 2011. Nasser’s lawsuit sought clarification of the scope of the global battlefield, targeting standards and lack of transparency.

US District Judge John Bates, also of the District of Columbia, dismissed Nasser’s suit, ruling that he lacked standing to challenge the violation of Anwar’s constitutional rights because Nasser’s constitutional rights were not violated by the government’s “alleged targeting of [Nasser’s] son” and the alleged targeting was “not designed to interfere with the father-adult son relationship.” Bates concluded,

“[Nasser] cannot show that a parent suffers an injury in fact if his adult child is threatened with a future extrajudicial killing.” …

It seems satan has a sense of humor.

Given the rate of false positives our satanic overlords are ok with murdering due to statistical outliers and algorithmic indeterminacy, it seems I have to modify my position re: the eugenic thinking behind the GMO plague.

Apparently the depopulation bureaucracy isn’t stupid enough to think that socioeconomic status is solely determined by genetics.  They simply made a decision that they’re ok with a certain rate of killing of “worthy” individuals in the interest of maintaining a minimum rate of sweeping up the “deplorables”.   They’re tending a herd, after all, not maintaining a public health system.    They’re sociopaths, not fools.  What was I thinking?   Still I have to wonder how many of them eat fast food.   Sociopaths tend to have very little insight into their own condition.   They are lobotomized by the state’s child abuse system, after all.    Most of them are genitally mutilated as well.

Takeaway #1: stop abusing children at birth

Takeaway #2: for god’s sake can we please dispense with the 9/11 religion?   People who still cling to the official mythology are totally irresponsible, lazy and complicit in genocide.   “Good germans,” in other words.  Fake citizens.   And some of them call themselves peace activists.   They are not.   At this point they’re not even decent people.   And those who understand but refuse to talk about reality  are worse.

The bureaucracy for domestic democide is already in place, only awaiting the facade of legality to proceed.  Seriously.   Groups of people really can be that stupid.   Governments are not just people any more than corporations are just people.   Self-identifying groups “think” in a different way than individuals.   Mapping the psychology and behavior of a sufficiently large group of people to an individual would result in someone best labelled as criminally insane.  The founders knew this, that’s why they created a limited and structurally hobbled government.  This knowledge has somehow been forgotten.   And now we have an entire society whose collective philosophy is sociopathic, complete with a self-rationalizing but secret state religion: satanism.

Trump’s election only postponed the next step.   And for those who still cling to the essential decency of the democratic party, here’s Carl Levin spilling the beans on Obama’s duplicity re: the indefinite detention without trial provisions of the NDAA of 2012.   American citizens were included at the insistence of the administration.

Reprise: The Crocodile Tears of the Empire

How to Stop Terror Attacks