Western Sanctions Against Iran vs Expected Eastern Blowback

Iran’s currencies, the rial and the toman (collectively referred to here as the “rial”), have been plummeting in perceived value for months now – nay, years, nay, decades – against the US dollar. The rial’s aggressive drop in value Since December 2017 is neither due to core Iranian economic fundamentals which would otherwise theoretically justify a national currency’s skydiving in such a fashion, nor is it coincidental with the wider currency wars being conducted between the global West and East. It is, in fact, the most recent salvo in a precariously heightening high stakes duel of each side trying to collapse the other’s currency – or currencies –and thus harm their wider sense of economic stability. Atlanticists standing behind Dollar Hegemony, and the building Eurasian contingency fighting it, are attacking each other’s currencies, either clandestinely via both technological and deployed trading agent means, or overtly through sanctions regimes, in order to ultimately either maintain, or appropriate, respectively, standards for the future of the world’s economy.

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Show Notes

U.S. backs EU Iran sanctions push, warns firms against Tehran trade

Iranian banking reforms gain steam after long delay

Iran Blames Trump, Saudis, Social Media as Currency Nosedives

Iran – And Her “Economy of Resistance”

Iran’s currency crisis could bring it one step closer to economic collapse

Iran’s Foreign Exchange, Gold Reserves More than US: CIA

What’s really driving currency depreciation in Iran?

Iran imposes curbs on foreign currency holdings

Rouhani Government Unifies Iran’s Exchange Rates in Decisive Move to Stabilize Currency

What’s really driving currency depreciation in Iran?

Speculative attack on a currency

Iran arrests currency traders as rial collapses

Iran sets single foreign exchange rate to rescue currency

Iran arrests 16 ‘main players’ in currency crisis

Iran hit by cyberattack that leaves US flag on screens

Stuxnet reached its target via the networks of trusted business partners

Order from Chaos – Trump’s new national security team likely spells disaster for the Iran nuclear deal – What happens next?

Commentary: It’s time for Trump to pull out of the Iran deal

Mnuchin Signals ‘Very Strong’ New Sanctions on Iran Coming

Why Iran’s currency dropped to worst low in two decades

Iran Blames Trump, Saudis, Social Media as Currency Nosedives

How Does a Currency Drop 60% in 8 Days? Just Ask Iran

Iranian Cyberspace Authority Says Telegram’s Upcoming Crypto Threatens National Currency

Iran’s Ayatollah-Approved Messaging App Includes a ‘Death to Freemasons’ Emoji

Iran to Replace Telegram With Homemade App for Sake of ‘National Security’

US confirms it asked Twitter to stay open to help Iran protesters – Obama administration asked Twitter website to postpone temporary shutdown

Russia Is Still Trashing Its Internet Two Weeks Into Its Failed Rampage Against Telegram

How social media brought political propaganda into the 21st century

Bitcoin as Conditioner: Rolling Out One World Currency

Global War on Cash and The Blockchain: A One-Two Punch for Complete Control

The “Pricing” of Bitcoin vs. Gold Is Meant to Herd the Masses

Venezuela’s “Petro” Cryptocurrency: Money in Revolt

US Debt Clock.org

Federal Debt: Total Public Debt as Percent of Gross Domestic Product

UK government debt and deficit: December 2017

France Government Debt to GDP 1980-2018

Iran Government Debt to GDP  1996-2018

Russia Government Debt to GDP  1999-2018

Turkey Government Debt to GDP  2000-2018

China Government Debt to GDP  1995-2018

Sizing Up China’s Debt Bubble: Bloomberg Economics

China Foreign Exchange Reserves  1980-2018

China Holdings of U.S. Debt Rose in 2017 by Most in Seven Years

China Gross Savings Rate – 1952 – 2017

Neck and Neck: Russian and Chinese Official Gold Reserves

Gold reserves of largest gold holding countries worldwide as of November 2017 (in metric tons)

Estimated Chinese Gold Reserves Surpass 20,000t

Russia Wants To Drop Dollar For Oil Payments

Russia & Iran drop dollar trade by extending oil-for-goods supply agreement

Belt and Road Initiative and China-Iran cooperation

De-Dollarization Continues: China, Iran To Eliminate Greenback From Bilateral Trade

Iran and Russia Plan to Isolate America with the U.S. Dollar – and They’ll Succeed

Iran-Russia Ties Set to Expand

Iran-China Traders Agree to Sideline US Dollar

Iran’s Trade With Turkey Tops $10 Billion

Russia, Iran, Turkey mull unified payment system

Russia Mulls Introducing Mir Banking Payment System in Iran

SHETAB the System Behind Card-Based Transactions in Iran

The world’s top five countries with highest natural gas reserves

Top 20 Countries With The World’s Largest Proven Oil Reserves

Petro-yuan to launch renminbi as global currency & kneecap petro-dollar

Experts: Chinese Petro-Yuan to Threaten US Petrodollar Dominance

Venezuela’s “Petro” Cryptocurrency: Money in Revolt

Troubled Currencies

Keeping Putin’s Hands Off Argentina’s Oil

The Troubled Currencies Project

A Joint Cato Institute – Johns Hopkins Project

Steve Hanke – Wikipedia

Dollarization for Argentina

Is the COMEX Rigged?

Here’s how ‘the cartel’ rigged the currency market

The question isn’t whether the market is rigged, but how much

There May Be a Smoking Gun in the Lawsuit that Accuses Banks of Rigging the Bond Market

James Rickards Biography – Johns Hopkins Alumni Association

Video – Jim Rickards: Currency Wars Simulation

Video – Carnegie Council | James Rickards: Currency Wars

Video – Jim Rickards: Iran’s Currency War

Video: James Rickards – The Derivatives Market Is One Quadrillion Dollars In Size

Turkey Takes Possession of 220 Tons of Gold Repatriated from Federal Reserve-Rory Hall (20/04/2018)

Turkey Will Repatriate All Gold From The US In Attempt To Ditch The Dollar

Turkey and Russia Highlight Gold’s Role as a Strategically Important Asset

Russia, Iran, Turkey Form $7B Oil Deal

Japan General Government Gross Debt to GDP  1980-2018

The national debt increased in Belgium

Government debt fell to 88.1% of GDP in euro area – Down to 82.5% of GDP

in EU28

National debt in EU countries in the 3rd quarter 2017 in relation to gross domestic product (GDP)

China won’t repeat Japan’s Plaza Accord mistake

China, Japan and Economic Interdependence in the Asia Pacific Region

Global Derivatives: $1.5 Quadrillion Time Bomb

Big Risk: $1.2 Quadrillion Derivatives Market Dwarfs World GDP

The New York Fed is understating the impact of a $500 trillion market

Financial Weapons Of Mass Destruction: Top 25 US Banks Have 222 Trillion Dollars Derivatives Exposure

Newsbud Exclusive- Oil on Gold: The Demise of the Ponzi Petrodollar via a Sustainable Multi-Commodity Eastern Alternative

Newsbud Exclusive- NATO’s Currency War against Turkey: Comparative Resistance & Solutions


Oil On Gold: Exploring a Hard Asset, Multipolar

Alternative to the Petrodollar Standard

NATO’s Currency War Against Turkey:

Comparative Resistance and Solutions


Currency Wars by James Rickards

Iran and the Global Economy: Petro Populism, Islam and Economic Sanction – edited by Parvin Alizadeh & Hassan Hakimian

*For additional footnotes and links refer to the Newsbud article link above


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