Obama Considered Trump Campaign to be NWO Security Threat

And he was right.   For all his many faults, Trump is the only thing standing between this country and a totalitarian nightmare with a “liberal” face.

(Natural News) There are many troublesome aspects to the Obama administration’s spy operation — codenamed “Crossfire Hurricane,” a reference to a 1960s Rolling Stones hit — against the 2016 campaign of President Donald J. Trump that ought to alarm all Americans, regardless of their political affiliation.

One of them is the use of an investigatory tool called a “National Security Letter,” a secret order that essentially gives the intelligence community, FBI and Justice Department carte blanche investigatory powers over anyone inside or outside the U.S., including American citizens.

The FBI is a regular user of NSLs. The counterterrorism division uses them more frequently than other divisions within the bureau to obtain sensitive electronic data and to retrieve phone records.

As The Intercept notes:

The letters are among the FBI’s most potent instruments, because they function like subpoenas without requiring the approval of a judge. Internal guidelines suggest that the bureau has been using them to pursue sensitive electronic data and phone records — despite the fact that such attempts overstep the bureau’s legal authority.

The bureau issues thousands of these letters each year, and that included, of course, James Comey’s FBI. They are simple to attain — probably too simple, truth be known.

“To issue one, an FBI official just needs to attest that the information sought is relevant to a national security investigation,” The Intercept notes, adding that they have been oft-criticized in the past because they are “shrouded in secrecy.”

For instance, according to The Intercept, the FBI uses the letters to obtain sensitive information about email transactions, despite the fact that the Justice Department has advised the bureau specifically it doesn’t have the authority to use NSLs in that manner….


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