New Hate Crime Bill Protecting Cops Passes House Despite Clear 10th Amendment Violation

Soon the government itself will be a protected class.   Any criticism of government policies or proposed policies like mandatory vaccination will be considered a hate crime.   After all, lucifer only wants what’s best for us.   See how hurt he is?  He’s crying crocodile tears all the way to the bank.

I AM NOT JOKING.   I wish I was.   This social debut has been decades, maybe centuries in planning.   All their ducks are in a row.   But the ducks are turning into dominos as the public awakens to the smell of dead flesh.

“Protect and Serve Act” passes House. File under bipartisan-is-just-another-word-for-both-sides-licking-the-same-boot: majorities of both Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives have voted in favor of new hate crime legislation that sets up cops as a protected class.

Overall, just 35 House members voted against the bill (H.R. 5698), which isn’t far from making it a federal crime to resist arrest. Under the so-called “Protect and Serve Act,” anyone who injures or attempts to injure a police officer will be guilty of a federal offense—no matter how small the injury and no matter if it was intentional—if the offense has some connection to or effect on interstate commerce….

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