MKULTRA Victims Plan Class-Action Suit Against Government

Survivors and families of those victimized by Project MKULTRA, a CIA mind control program, are preparing a class-action lawsuit against the U.S. and Quebec governments due to the alleged abuse they suffered through decades ago.

Over forty Canadians, who have called themselves Survivors Allied Against Government Abuse (SAAGA), gathered in Montreal last weekend to share their horrific stories about how MKULTRA destroyed their lives, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

“The government should offer an apology and there should be recognition of the injustice that was done,” said Gina Blasbalg, who unknowingly became a patient at the Allan Memorial Institute – where MKULTRA subproject 68 took place – during her teens in the 1960s.

Marlene Levenson, whose aunt Phyllis Goldberg was victimized by the mind control program in 1945, said the U.S. and Canadian governments are obligated to apologize for the suffering they put the patients through.

“I could not believe this was allowed,” Levenson told CTV Montreal. “These were innocent people who went in for mild depression – even if it was severe depression, post-partum, neurological things that happened – they came out completely ravaged, and their life was ruined.”…

Ewen Cameron, the most notorious shrink involved in the project, was the head of the world psychiatric association.   Just a coincidence I’m sure.   Just because the entire “profession” is institutionalized quackery and pseudoscience doesn’t mean they’re  all monsters.     But monsters do tend to gravitate toward such playgrounds.

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