US Political Breakthrough: A President Who Is Not a Satanist

Not since Carter have we had a president who is not a closeted eugenicist and satanist.   (not sure about reagan was but he  was only president for a few weeks before the son of a friend of the bush family made him irrelevant with a near-assassination followed by whatever they did to him in the hospital)

It would be nice if he wasn’t still trusting advice from the satanists in his administration.

Lemonade Terror Plot Foiled, Kids Get Lesson in Subservience

DENVER — Being a mom can be a delicate balance—one that Jennifer Knowles knows all too well. She just earned her PhD while raising three rambunctious boys with her husband.

The balance Knowles and parents all over the world face is loving and supporting their kids while teaching them about things like responsibility to lay the foundation for their futures. That was exactly what Knowles was trying to do this Memorial Day in her Stapleton neighborhood.

“We have never had a lemonade stand and the boys thought Memorial Day weekend is going to be great weather, so why not have a lemonade stand across the street in the park,” Knowles said….

You have to see the video to believe it.   Just another day in orwell’s nightmare.   This is emblematic of the economic oppression which will result in the needless starvation of millions of americans if/when the economy blows up.   That’s the intended purpose.

War on Raw Milk is About Economic Domination, not Health

Icke on leaving the matrix