Brennan the Gangster Warns House Speaker, Senate Majority Leader Over Trump

Former CIA Director-turned-Twitter troll, John Brennan lashed out at Trump on Sunday evening after the President ordered the DOJ to investigate the FBI’s infiltration of his campaign.

Brennan also fired a warning shot to House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, claiming they will ‘bear the majority of the responsibility of the harm done to our democracy’ if they don’t stop Trump.

As previously reported by TGP’s Kristinn Taylor, President Trump tweeted Sunday afternoon he is ordering the Justice Department to investigate whether the Obama administration spied on his 2016 presidential campaign.

The order comes on the heels of leaks to the New York Times and Washington Post that the Obama administration had an “informant” make several approaches to three Trump campaign officials, included one that involved an offer of cash and another an offer to “advise” the campaign.

Trump tweeted: “I hereby demand, and will do so officially tomorrow, that the Department of Justice look into whether or not the FBI/DOJ infiltrated or surveilled the Trump Campaign for Political Purposes — and if any such demands or requests were made by people within the Obama Administration!” the president tweeted….

Was that a threat?   Of course not, the USA isn’t a banana republic, it only overthrows democratically elected governments and imposes banana republics.  Big difference.

DNC Issued Checks to Private Security Firm Immediately After Murders of Seth Rich, Shawn Lucas

FEC Records Show DNC Issued Checks to CrowdStrike Day After Murders of Seth Rich, Shawn Lucas

Federal Election Commission records show that CrowdStrike, an FBI contractor and private cyber security firm, received a $98,849.84 check from the Democratic National Committee the day after slain DNC staffer Seth Rich was murdered.

Rich, 27, worked as the voter expansion data director at the DNC for two years. Rich had been working for the DNC at a time when emails from the organization were provided to WikiLeaks for publication.

The series of emails revealed that high-ranking DNC officials and the Clinton team sabotaged Sanders’ candidacy, used racist, anti-gay and sexist slurs when referring to constituents. The emails, indicating the party was manipulating the primary race in favor of Clinton, led to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s resignation as DNC chair.

Seth Rich had just accepted a job with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign before he was killed near his apartment in an affluent Washington, D.C. neighborhood.

In the summer of 2016, in the heat of a highly contentious presidential campaign, Rich was fatally shot twice in the back, and his wallet, credit cards, watch and phone were left in his possession. Still, the Metropolitan Police Department has described his murder as a “botched robbery.”

Private investigators, however, have previously claimed Rich was the source WikiLeaks used to obtain thousands of DNC emails released on the eve of the party’s presidential nominating convention last July.

Less than a month after Rich was murdered, attorney Shawn Lucas, 38, was found dead in his bathroom on Aug. 2nd, 2016.

The next day, CrowdStrike received a check for $113,645.77 from the DNC.

Lucas delivered a lawsuit to DNC headquarters for a local court in early July 2016. The suit alleged the Democratic Party committed fraud by rigging their primary election in favor of Hillary Clinton.

The source of the checks is the Federal Election Commission (FEC)….

Following WikiLeaks’ publication of DNC and Clinton campaign emails, DNC officials refused to avail the DNC server to the FBI for forensic examination, which would determine when the server was breached or whether the server was actually hacked.

The Obama Justice Dept. never took custody of the server — no subpoena, no search warrant. Former FBI Director James Comey said last year that the DNC had denied the bureau’s requests to examine the breached server.

CrowdStrike was the only one to access the DNC’s computer systems.

Google, which gave millions of dollars to the Clinton campaign and was under fire during the election for manipulating and suppressing negative search results for Clinton, is one of CrowdStrike’s primary investors.

Rich and Lucas are among 33 people associated with the Clintons who have died mysterious and often violent deaths.

What Was the Real Purpose of QE?

The story goes that quantitative easing was instituted to “bridge” the financial and economic systems across a “rough patch”.  Via QE, the Federal Reserve conjured new “money” into existence (if we did this, its called forgery…not QE) & exchanged this new “money” to the largest banks for US Treasury bonds and financial assets (Mortgage backed securities).  Banks were left flush with cash, the Fed holding $4.5 trillion in Treasury’s and MBS.  The suggested goal of this exercise was that QE would lower interest rates and this would settle the economic system and subsequently boost asset valuations.

How’d it work out?  As far as asset prices, generally they have soared 300% to 400% but the part about lowering interest rates…not so much.  The chart below shows the Federal Reserve holdings of over 5yr to 10yr US Treasury debt versus the yield on the 10yr Treasury.  The Fed increased its holdings of 5 to 10yr US debt from $100 billion in early 2009 to nearly $900 billion by early 2013…and then lowered it back to just $290 billion currently.  And the correlation on the 10 year yields…essentially zero.

Which is to say, there seems to have been no correlation or even a negative correlation of the Fed conjuring nearly $4 trillion with which to buy (and sell) unprecedented quantities of Treasury’s (particularly the 5 to 10 year variety), and the direction of interest rates.  In fact, the lowest rates seen on the 10 year were while the Fed was systematically rolling off $450 billion in 5 to 10 year debt in mid 2016!  Which leaves a very uncomfortable question…is the Fed filled with the dumbest smart people in America who just haven’t seemed to realize this…or did they have a different goal all along?

QE did have massive impacts, just not where it was “supposed to”.  If the Fed’s goal to was transfer power and wealth to an ever shrinking cohort, seems the Fed has achieved its goal.  My best guess of what QE was all about and who benefitted and continues to benefit…HERE and extend and pretend against an ultimately unbeatable foe HERE….

Gates Cash Injection Immunizes Cochrane Group from Vaccine Objectivity

According to an article published May 18, 2018 by James Lyons-Weiler titled “Biased Cochrane Report Ignores Flaws in HPV Vaccine Studies, and Studies of HPV Type Replacement,” the Cochrane Group seemingly has lost its once-peer-review-acknowledged objectivity in science reporting!

Dr. Lyons-Weiler is a research scientist who has called Cochrane on the carpet for not exposing the flaws in the design and scope of a CDC HPV vaccine study and a Cochrane review.  That 2016 CDC study had specific input from a U.S. CDC scientist, Lauri E. Markowitz, MD, which Lyons-Weiler claims had fatal flaws that could be interpreted as steps to obfuscate and hide type replacement.”

In June of 2016, Lyons-Weiler authored “High-Risk HPV Type Replacement Follows HPV Vaccination,” which in the opening paragraph states:

The number of studies that show that partial immunization via available HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccines is not only insufficient at reducing overall HPV infection rates; the vaccines actually cause rarer, more lethal types of HPV to sweep in and the net effect could be devastating increases in HPV-related cancers. [….]

The statistics on the types that are said to be known to cause the most cancers are potentially misleading, because there is an inverse relationship between the ability of pathogen to cause disease (morbidity) and death (mortality).  If you count numbers of cases, yes, HPV-16 appears to be high-risk.  But the low-frequency types may be even HIGHER risk – which would explain why they are low-frequency.

The study from Germany (Fisher et al., 2016) [1] is definitive, and we have our answer:  HPV type replacement is real, and is caused by partial vaccination against an oncogenic virus group…..

In other words, there is competition among HPV virus types in which selective culling would have the effect of selecting for the non-culled types, which may be more dangerous.   Needless to say the same effect can be expected with flu vaccination.

The All American Eugenics Happy Meal

So what do I mean by eugenics, given that glyphosate seems to be an omnicide which is unlikely to be well tolerated by any human genotype?

Simply that statistically, the people who have enough education and “intelligence” to be able to do their own research and have the economic wherewithal to apply their findings to their daily diets and avoid the satanists’ deliberately imposed toxins tend to be those that the satanists believe are more genetically fit.   Those who simply do what they’re told by their TV brainwashing machines are expendable.   It’s an artificial darwinian selection gradient, the converse of the direct eugenical extermination approach, based on the belief that socioeconomic fitness is solely a function of genetics.

Obviously darwin would be the first to select eugenicists out of existence.

PDF: Impacts of Artificial Electromagnetic Radiation on Wildlife

This overview aims to identify which main taxonomic groups, which types of EMR, and associated effects have been addressed by the existing studies.

It will also assess the level of quality/reliability of the available studies on both technical and biological/ecological aspects.

Based on this overview, key knowledge gaps and recommendations will be identified and will serve as the basis of discussions for the larger consultation (web conference) involving researchers, civil society and policymakers that will be organised by EKLIPSE beginning 2018. This background document should be considered as a technical working report and does not aim to be exhaustive but rather to provide a first step in the analysis of current available knowledge and future research needs….