Satanic Elite Parade Their Barbarism: Baby Foreskin Facials

What’s the point of being a satanic aristocrat if you can’t flaunt your impunity?

A new trend is sweeping Hollywood’e elite by storm which involves using a serum derived from the foreskin of babies as a means of looking younger.

Cate Blanchett and Sandra Bullock have made headlines recently by revealing their ‘secret’ to maintaining young and healthy looking skin. The duo have nicknamed the procedure the ‘Penis Facial’ due to the fact that the serum used in the process is derived from the foreskin of Korean babies….

What’s more is that not only are they publicly admitting to the use of mutilated baby penis parts to look younger, but they are celebrating it. On Thursday, Bullock went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to explain why she’s so happy about this treatment and to explain the reason it has been called the ‘Penis Facial.’

As if to imply babies across an ocean don’t matter as much as babies here, the serum, Bullock tells DeGeneres, is “an extraction from a piece of skin that came from a young person far, far away.”

However, Ellen bluntly pointed out, that it is indeed derived from the “foreskin from a Korean baby.”…

The relevant part starts at 2:45

Another Mysterious Outbreak of Ebola in Africa, W.H.O. Says “No Problem”

Experts fear an “explosive increase” in Ebola cases after an outbreak in Congo entered a “new phase” and spread from the countryside to a city.

The BBC reports that Health Minister Oly Ilunga Kalenga confirmed a case in Mbandaka, a city of a million people about 130km (80 miles) from the area where the first cases were confirmed earlier this month.

The city is a major transportation hub with routes to the capital Kinshasa.

Forty-four people have been infected and 23 people are known to have died.

Senior World Health Organization (WHO) official Peter Salama said the spread to Mbandaka meant there was the potential for an “explosive increase” in cases.

“This is a major development in the outbreak,” he told the BBC. “We have urban Ebola, which is a very different animal from rural Ebola. The potential for an explosive increase in cases is now there.”

Mr Salama, the WHO’s deputy director-general for emergency preparedness and response, said Mbandaka’s location on the Congo river, widely used for transportation, raised the prospect of Ebola spreading to surrounding countries such as Congo-Brazzaville and the Central African Republic as well as downstream to Kinshasa, a city of 10 million people.

This puts a whole different lens on this outbreak and gives us increased urgency to move very quickly into Mbandaka to stop this new first sign of transmission,” he said.

The BBC adds that the WHO said it was not recommending any trade or travel restrictions either within DR Congo, for example between Mbandaka and Kinshasa, or internationally….

No problem, there are too many people in the world anyway, at least according to far too many ignorant slaves who know nothing about central banking.

Secret Project Created Weaponized Ebola in South Africa in the 1980s

Ebola: The Source and the Solution

The Real Enemy: YOU

CDC Lying About Safety of Tetanus Vaccine in Pregnancy

Fearmongering by Gates Raises Question of Staged Bioattack in USA


The Whitewashing of Nazi Psychiatry

Overall, psychiatrists appear to be a seriously  damaged group of people.

Response to “Psychiatry during the Nazi era: ethical lessons for the modern professional” Rael D Strous
Annals of General Psychiatry 2007, 6:8

The article about nazi exterminator psychiatrists’ behavior during the nazi era is remarkable for its morally oblivious outlook. According to the author, the nazi shrinks, who actually showed hitler how mass murder could be carried out cheaply and efficiently on an industrial scale, were merely guilty of

“allowing philosophical constructs to define clinical practice, focusing exclusively on preventative medicine, allowing political pressures to influence practice, blurring the roles of clinicians and researchers, and falsely believing that good science and good ethics always co-exist.”

Apparently these crimes were errors of clinical and philosophical judgement, not symptomatic of any kind of character shortcomings or psychopathologies on the part of the psychiatrists.

That this explanation seems adequate to the author raises the question of whether he may be suffering from the same affliction as the objects of his study: a lack of what their victims might have called a “moral compass” and a need to simulate a rough approximation of human empathy and insight by hacking them out of some kind of behavioral rule book. The notion of a cold blooded mass murderer evaluating philosophical constructs, political pressures and clinical strategies in the course of pursuing his chosen vocation is certainly not likely to satisfy those seeking a deeper understanding of what the hell was wrong with these people.

The author’s silence on the psychological motivations of the perpetrators is especially deafening given that it’s no secret that schools of clinical psychology and psychiatry are magnets for emotionally troubled people. (Psychology Today, July/August 1997) among which are certainly both “classic” and “compensatory” narcissists commonly found in the medical professions.

That this article could be provided to a public audience with an invitation to distribute freely is also symptomatic of an amazing lack of foresight, not to mention insight, on the part of the editors. The blind leading the wounded.


Also see how psychiatry helps to perpetuate the sexual torture of infants (with intent to lobotomize) at:

Insanity in the american psychiatric establishment:

MGM Primer

Considering the ever-growing deluge of profitable psychiatric diagnoses among the pseudoscientific quackery in the DSM, it’s remarkable that there are no entries for “moral illness” or “institutional illness”.   Probably because their specialty is targeting the powerless, not the powerful.

The ongoing traumatic abuse of psychiatric shock treatment

Munchausen by proxy is a criminal offense, unless you’re a psychiatrist:

shock treatment -> brain damage -> trauma -> depression -> shock treatment

Picture a dark and stormy night, an elderly woman down in a puddle, convulsing. Next to her head, we see a live power-line, still sparking. Entry/exit points on the victim’s temples are evidenced by faint first degree burn marks.

You’re the doctor.

What do you do? Apply the end of the power cord to her temples again?


You give life support, insert an IV, maybe administer an anti-convulsant.

You bring her to the Emergency Room where a brain scan is performed. Later an EEG will be done to see if there is slowing or residual seizure activity. She is closely watched. Confusion is to be expected, the only question is how much and for how long.

Recurrent seizures – called epilepsy -are something neurologists are supposed to do their best to prevent.Yet many psychiatrists are systematically programming entire series of convulsions.

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