Another T-Shirt Idea from Govtslaves

Yes, this is “our” government.   A modern day babylon, complete with pedophilia and child sacrifice.   Mr. President is missing part of his penis, so you can see how he wound up as a coke-head, DU-dumping genocidal maniac with a “liberal” persona.    This is called luciferian reversal.   A comedy circus of evil.  Everything you know is wrong.

The Secret Rage of Bill Clinton: American Medical Genital Mutilation

Kevin Annett: Revoke Tax Exempt Status of Pedoligions

Guest was Kevin Annett, the heroic man behind the Global movement to end child sex trafficking and Satanic child torture and to disestablish the genocidal churches and governments. Discussed the Global Pedophile Network and the involvement of the Vatican, Royal Families, governments, politicians and world leaders in running the Network. Also discussed the upcoming trial of Cardinal George Pell in Australia and the attempts by Pell and the Vatican to label the sexually abused victims as liars to avoid accountability for their crimes.