The Blue Plague: BP’s GMO Oil Eating Bacteria Eats People Too

Gulf Bio-Terrorism: A Silent & Deadly Enemy Among Us

The Gulf Blue Plague is Government Sanctioned Bio-terrorism

While the vast majority of Americans were deceived into focusing their attention solely on BP’s underwater “dog and pony video show” and professed chemical “dispersants,” the biological war initiated within the Gulf of Mexico battleground was already a raging bacterial inferno.

Those of us who live on the Gulf Coast have always hunkered down and survived deadly storms, such as hurricanes Charley and Katrina. We have always picked ourselves up from out of the rubble and rebuilt. We are survivors. It’s a part of what living in “hurricane alley” is all about. But we have never faced an invisible storm that attacks in absolute silence with no advanced warning. We have never confronted an engineered biological terror that can’t be seen nor heard.

We are on the vanguard of the largest cover-up in American history …


Gulf Bio-Terrorism: A Silent & Deadly Enemy Among Us (Part I) from The Living Light Network on Vimeo.

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