Reverse False Flag: Fake Govt Conditioning Public for New Attack?

A co-host for the Young Turks thinks that a “conveniently timed war” or “terrorist attack” could help Donald Trump turn out Republican voters for the mid-terms.

In an article for CNBC, John Iadarola, a left-wing political pundit, warns that the “blue wave” that is expected to see Democrats regain the House may not transpire if Trump can rally his base.

“The base that today might be weary of Trump could rally to his defense if they believed they faced some true threat, in the form of a conveniently timed war, terrorist attack, or existential threat to Donald Trump’s presidency itself,” writes Iadarola.

Iadarola does not clarify whether the “conveniently timed” war or terrorist attack could come about as a result of conspiracy or mere happenstance.

He goes on to complain that there is a right-wing “defamation campaign against Special Counsel Robert Mueller” and that “racist defunding of polling places in lower socioeconomic areas” could cost Democrats crucial votes.

This is not the first time that a terror attack has been suggested as a way Republicans could keep hold of the House this November.

In January, the Washington Post published a report that Trump was telling his advisers, “he doesn’t think the 2018 election has to be as bad as others are predicting.”

The report claimed that Trump went on to highlight how Republicans enjoyed mid-term success in 2002 as a result of the September 11, 2011 terror attacks.

This prompted a rash of alarmist responses from left-wing outlets like Alternet and Vox which implied that Trump was somehow hoping for a terror attack to improve his fortunes.

One possibility: an attempted assassination of trump which they are not at all sure of succeeding.   If it fails, they don’t want it to backfire completely.   They can always claim it was a hoax staged by trump to begin with.

Another possibility: war with russia and probably china is still front and center on the agenda for the Dear State.   They could stage a false flag implicating one or the other, attempt to force trump to go along with a likely devastating war and be prepared to blame him for the pr fallout if he refuses.

Seriously, this is the level of second guessing you have to engage in if you want to have any chance at all of understanding what’s going on.   Our lucifieran overlords know that initial beliefs are the most resistant to change, that’s why they insist on torturing newborn babies and toxifying their birth imprints.   It’s the emotional/conceptual framework on which decisions are made for years to come.   Keeping an open mind can be difficult, but in an age of wholesale brainwashing it’s essential.

Might trump in fact stage a false flag for some purpose?   Of course, if he was totally stupid.   A successful false flag requires the cooperation of the media and it’s clear the media hates the anyone-but-hillary administration with a passion which borders on insanity.   Bush and obama could count on the media in their 9/11 and repeated gun massacre staged events because they were all part of Dear State’s plans.   Trump has no such assurances.


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