Chinese Are New Targets for Destruction of the Family

Hyper exploitation of the Chinese people is already in place in the corporate manufacturing sphere, but to really maximize profits and maintain social control under increasing oppression, social and economic alternatives to centralized control must be eliminated.   And so, the Rockefeller recipe for the destruction of the family is already well advanced.

Circumcision is being normalized under the usual pretext of disease prevention ( )

And cesarean section rates, a prelude to broken mother-infant bonding and failed breastfeeding and a barometer of obstetrical abuse in general, is now among the highest in the world:

Thus the three biological pillars of family stability are being systematically undermined as they were decades ago in the USA.    The Chinese people should take a hint from the American experience.

It seems that the transnational satanic financial aristocracy which financed the rise of hitler is grooming China to be the 4th reich.

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