Newsbud: The Weaponized American Medical Establishment

He thinks this is being driven by money, when the establishment has access to trainloads of money via outright theft and of course derivatives and the proverbial printing presses.   The central banksters have long been tired of that game.  This is about social control by dumbing down and imposing disease on children.

Setup for the Next Financial False Flag: Freddie Mac Launches “3% Down” Mortgage With No Income Restrictions

It’s been a while since the US made a wholesale push to get more cash and income-strapped households into the ever more unaffordable American dream of owning a house, three years to be exact, which is when nationalized housing agency Freddie Mac last rolled out a conventional mortgage that only required a 3% down payment for certain borrowers.

The problem is that what modest requirement the mortgage program had back in 2015, meant that most Americans who needed access would be excluded. The program, which as we described at the time was designed for qualified (that being the key word) low-and moderate-income borrowers – i.e., Millennials – saw limited progress over the last few years, with FHFA Director Mel Watt telling Congress last year that Freddie’s 3% down program (along with a similar one from Fannie Mae) was continuing to grow.

It just wasn’t growing fast enough, because while putting 3% down may not have been especially challenging for most Americans, having even the modest income required to go along with it, was.

So fast forward to last week, when Freddie Mac announced on Thursday it was about to supercharge its 3% down program and launch a widespread expansion of the offering, when it announced that it is rolling out a new conventional 3% down payment option for qualified first-time homebuyers, – effectively the same as the 2015 program… with one small difference: there would be no geographic restrictions; more importantly there no longer will be any income restrictions….

And so another generation of american families is being set up to take the fall in the “fed’s” war on the middle class.

Duh yuh think the american people will ever catch on?

Obama’s Fake Help for Victimized Homeowners

The League of Assad-Loving Conspiracy Theorists

So the global capitalist ruling classes’ War on Dissent is now in full swing. With their new and improved official narrative, “Democracy versus the Putin-Nazis,” successfully implanted in the public consciousness, the corporatocracy have been focusing their efforts on delegitimizing any and all forms of deviation from their utterly absurd and increasingly paranoid version of reality.

The Democratic Party is suing Russia, the Trump campaign, and Wikileaks (seriously … they’ve filed an actual lawsuit in an actual court of law an everything) for launching “an all-out assault on democracy” by publishing the DNC’s emails, “an act of unprecedented treachery,” according to Party Chairman Tom Perez. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, having already spent the last six years in a room in the Ecuadorian embassy in London to avoid being arrested by the British authorities, extradited to the United States, and imprisoned for the remainder of his natural life, has been cut off from the outside world in order to prevent him from further “interfering” with democracy by expressing his opinions….

“No Attacks, No Victims”: Syria Chemical Attack Video Participants Speak At OPCW Briefing

ZH–Russian officials brought fifteen people to The Hague from the city of Douma, Syria, said to have been present during the alleged April 7 chemical attack – including  11-year-old Hassan Diab, who was seen in a widely-distributed video taken by the controversian NGO organization known as the “White Helmets,” who filmed themselves giving Diab “emergency treatment” after the alleged incident.

“We were at the basement and we heard people shouting that we needed to go to a hospital. We went through a tunnel. At the hospital they started pouring cold water on me,” said Diab, who was featured in the video which Russia’s ambassador to the Netherlands says was staged.

The boy and his family have spoken to various media outlets, who say there was no attack.

Others present during the filming of Diab’s hospital “cleanup” by the White Helmets include hospital administrator Ahmad Kashoi, who runs the emergency ward.

There were people unknown to us who were filming the emergency care, they were filming the chaos taking place inside, and were filming people being doused with water. The instruments they used to douse them with water were originally used to clean the floors actually,” Ahmad Kashoi, an administrator of the emergency ward, recalled. “That happened for about an hour, we provided help to them and sent them home. No one has died. No one suffered from chemical exposure.” –RT

Also speaking at The Hague was Halil al-Jaish, an emergency worker who treated people at the Douma hospital the day of the attack – who said that while some patients did come in for respiratory problems, they were attributed to heavy dust, present in the air after recent airstrikes, but that nobody showed signs of chemical warfare poisoning.

The hospital received people who suffered from smoke and dust asphyxiation on the day of the alleged attack, Muwaffak Nasrim, a paramedic who was working in emergency care, said. The panic seen in footage provided by the White Helmets was caused mainly by people shouting about the alleged use of chemical weapons, Nasrim, who witnessed the chaotic scenes, added. No patients, however, displayed symptoms of chemical weapons exposure, he said. –RT

Emergency paramedic Ahmad Saur who is with the Syrian Red Crescent, said that his hospital ward did not receive any patients exposed to chemical weapons the day of the alleged incident, and that all the patients either needed general medical care or help with injuries.

That said, none of these people’s testimony will make it into the “official record” as it currently stands. Russia’s permanent representative to the OPCW, Aleksandr Shulgin, said that the OPCW has already interviewed six alleged Douma witnesses brought to The Hague , and they won’t interview any more.

The others were ready too, but the experts are sticking to their own guidelinesThey’ve picked six people, talked to them, and said they were ‘completely satisfied’ with their account and did not have any further questions”  -Aleksandr Shulgin

Shulgin also said that “certain Western countries” accusing Russia and Syria of trying to “hide” witnesses to the attack is not true.

Meanwhile, the West – unhappy with this unexpected diversion to its narrative – has called the Russian press conference a “stunt” – with Britain and France both denouncing it as an “obscene masquerade.”…

Media Silent as Allison Mack’s Arrest Exposes Child Trafficking For Billionaire-Backed Sex Slave Ring

As more details emerge in the case of the elite Hollywood sex cult NXIVM, it seems that the story goes even deeper than was first reported. There is growing evidence that this alleged self-help group was just a front for a human trafficking ring. It has also been revealed that this group has close ties with high-power ruling class families, including the Rothschilds, Clintons, and Bronfmans.

According to the charges, Smallville actress Allison Mack was a member of the cult and worked in a management position. As second-in-command, it was her job to lure women into the programs under the pretense of female empowerment and self-help workshops, to then convince them to sign up for a more “advanced program” called Dominus Obsequious Sororium, which required these women to basically turn the lives over to cult leader Keith Raniere. Dominus Obsequious Sororium is a quasi-Latin phrase that roughly translates to “Master Over the Slave Women.”

When women joined Raniere’s inner circle, they were forced to sign over their finances to him, starve themselves to maintain a certain weight, and he even had them surgically branded with his initials. Raniere would use blackmail to keep the women from speaking out, by collecting nude photos and damaging evidence on family members….

Chinese Are New Targets for Destruction of the Family

Hyper exploitation of the Chinese people is already in place in the corporate manufacturing sphere, but to really maximize profits and maintain social control under increasing oppression, social and economic alternatives to centralized control must be eliminated.   And so, the Rockefeller recipe for the destruction of the family is already well advanced.

Circumcision is being normalized under the usual pretext of disease prevention ( )

And cesarean section rates, a prelude to broken mother-infant bonding and failed breastfeeding and a barometer of obstetrical abuse in general, is now among the highest in the world:

Thus the three biological pillars of family stability are being systematically undermined as they were decades ago in the USA.    The Chinese people should take a hint from the American experience.

It seems that the transnational satanic financial aristocracy which financed the rise of hitler is grooming China to be the 4th reich.

Circumcision Plague Still Spreading in China

Medical Psychopaths Take a Stand Against Violence

MSM Glosses Over Reference to Chinese “Nazis” by Former Bloomberg Editor

Corbett: China and the New World Order

The War on Empathy, Love and Family

How the Empire’s Child Abusers Censored Revolutionary Research into Causes of Violence

Fearmongering by Gates Raises Question of Staged Bioattack in USA

Should a deadly pandemic comparable to the 1918 influenza outbreak reach the US in the relatively near future, the US government would be powerless to stop it. And in all likelihood, hundreds of thousands – if not, millions – of Americans will die. That’s the message from a Washington Post interview with Microsoft founder Bill Gates, which touched on many of the same subjects from a talk he gave Friday before the Massachusetts Medical Society.

Bill Gates says the U.S. government is falling short in preparing the nation and the world for the “significant probability of a large and lethal modern-day pandemic occurring in our lifetimes.”

Gates discussed his efforts to convince the Trump administration to set aside more funding for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and to prioritize the creation of a national response plan that would govern how resources are deployed during a pandemic or biological weapons attack….

Several glaring issues here: the USA seems to be running the world’s biggest bioweapons research program and is the most consistent violator of the global bioweapons treaty, actually placing bioweapons labs around russia, china and africa which appear to be tied to outbreaks of disease in those regions:

The Pentagon’s Bio-Weapons Research Program

Pentagon biolab in Tbilisi, Georgia researched MERS and SARS-like coronaviruses in bats

New data leak from the Pentagon biolaboratory in Georgia

Lyme disease itself appears to be a US bioweapon product which is being exploited for maximum effect:

The US public health establishment remains mute on known, effective and cheap cures and preventions for infectious diseases, such as vitamin D (grossly deficient in the made-sickly US population, in accordance with the FDA’s RDA) and colloidal silver.

The USA’s vaccine supply is grossly contaminated with viruses and metal nanoparticles with seemingly no attempt at fixing the problem or even admitting that it exists.

US vaccination policy is a recipe for disaster:

Depopulation has been a stated policy goal of the US government since NSSM 200 was published in the nixon years.   While this memorandum mainly targets the “third world” where human populations are not as usedful to our luciferian masters as the docile and economically enslaved chinese people, it appears that the USA itself has become a target of this policy, given the deliberate demolition of american families and the abandonment of infrastructure, education, industry and the health of the american population over the past 25 years.   This is further evidenced by the contamination of US food supplies with GMO pseudofood and the USA’s moving of the plum island animal disease research lab (connected to the lyme disease outbreak) to the middle of cattle country in kansas.

The continuous milking of the “herd immunity” myth for the apparent purpose of stampeding the herd into being vaccinated.

To put it charitably, those who push mandatory vaccination don’t know what they’re talking about.   For all intents and purposes, american medicine has been weaponized against the american people and the CDC is a prime player in all this:

Fauci’s Prediction of “Surprise” Plandemic

US Army Has Admitted to Conducting 100s of Germ Warfare Tests On Americans

Feds Collecting DNA “Kill Switches” from US Citizens

T-Shirt: “Vaccinate This!”

World War BZ


Second Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Dead at 53

Word has recently emerged that another Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy has passed. Deputy Marshall “Pete” Peterson reportedly “died at his residence,” according to an April 25 announcement on the Broward County Sheriff’s social media accounts. No specific cause of death was provided.

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Deputy Marshall Peterson, a 28-year veteran of the Broward Sheriff’s Office, Department of Detention. Deputy Peterson, 53, died at his residence. Thank you for your service, Deputy. — Broward Sheriff (@browardsheriff) April 25, 2018

Deputy Jason Fitzsimons died at his residence on April 1.

Broward County Deputy Who Questioned Official Story Dead